Communication Studies


Internships are highly recommended for all students. An Internship allows you to apply information from your academic studies to a work situation and to gain valuable knowledge that can help you in job interviews and your future career. For more information, contact Dr. Kaylene Gebert by email: (, phone: 615-898-5263, or by going to her office in the Honors Building, room 202. 
Study Abroad
Learning about other cultures is particularly valuable in the world today. Even if you never leave your home town, you will encounter people from around the world in your workplace, neighborhood and schools. An increased understanding of other cultures helps you become an effective communicator with people from different backgrounds. We highly recommend that you consider studying abroad for a semester or a year. For information about study abroad programs at MTSU, contact the office of Education Abroad in Peck Hall 207,

If you want to talk to one of our faculty members who has taught abroad, contact  Dr. Linda Seward, Jones Hall 251, .