Minor in Communication Studies

Communication Studies is a liberal arts program that encompasses both historical and contemporary theories in the study of human communication.  Students learn to analyze messages and audiences in multiple contexts (individual to global) as well as develop an understanding and skills needed both for success in their careers and for increased personal development.  In recognition of increased globalization both in the workplace and in our living environment, our program stresses cross-cultural understanding as an integral part of our offerings.  Students who take courses in the Communication Studies minor learn important skills sought by employers as well as deepen their understanding of interpersonal communication with friends, family and co-workers.

Required (6 hours)

COMM 2300 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 3560 Intercultural Communication or COMM 3350 Diversity in Communication

Choose among these courses (12 hours)

COMM/ORCO 3050 Listening
COMM 3210 Argumentation and Debate
COMM 3220 Small Group Communication
COMM 3225 Gender Communication
COMM 3230 Advanced Public Speaking 
COMM 3300 Communication Theory in Films
COMM 3340 Interview Communication
COMM 3350 Diversity in Communication
COMM 3400 Romantic Relationship Communication
COMM 3560 Intercultural Communication
COMM 3580 Political Communication
COMM 3620 Applied Communication
COMM 4260 Independent Study
COMM 4320 Theories of Persuasive Communication
COMM 4600 Communication Research Methods
COMM 4650 History, Theory, and Criticism of Rhetoric
COMM 4700 Senior Seminar in Communication
COMM 4900 Internship in Communication Studies