The Computational Science Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Component Hours Required
Foundational Courses 11
Computational Science Core 26
Electives 17
Directed Research 6
Dissertation 12


Foundation Courses: Total Credits (11 hours)

The computational science foundation courses are designed to take students from diverse majors and prepare them to successfully enter the computational science core. The computational science core is designed to give students a thorough grounding in the fundamental tools and methods necessary for a research career in computational science. The core courses are sequenced so as to prepare students to take the elective courses.


Credits Course Title  
3 COMS 6100 Fundamentals of Computational Science  
4 COMS 6500 Fundamentals of Scientific Computing  
4 CSCI 6020 Data Abstraction and Programming Fundamentals  


Computational Science Core: Total Credits (26 hours)

The Computational Science Core extends the foundational courses and gives them the skills they need for advanced research in Computational Science.   They included both advanced numerical methods courses along with courses to teach critical computer science topics including parallel programming and scientific visualization.

Credits Course Title
4 COMS 7100 Applied Computational Science
4 COMS 7300 Numerical Methods
4 CSCI 6050 Computer Systems Fundamentals
3 CSCI 6330 Parallel Processing Concepts
3 CSCI 7300 Scientific Visualization & Databases
3 MATH 7450 Mathematical Modeling I
3 COMS 7800 Teaching Internship
2 COMS 7950 Research Seminar in Computational Science


Electives: Total Credits (17 hours)

Each student, in consultation with his/her advisor and committee, will select at least 17 hours of 6000/7000 credit within science departments. Three courses must be selected from the following list:

Credits Course Title
3 BIOL 6350 Biostatistics
3 BIOL 6760 Bioinformatics
3 CHEM 7400 Computational Chemistry I
3 CHEM 7410 Computational Chemistry II
3 CHEM 7720 Advanced Topics in Chemistry
3 CSCI 6130 Topics in Parallel Processing
3 CSCI 7350 Data Mining
3 MATH 6260 Advanced Differential Equations I
3 MATH 6300 Optimization
3 PHYS 7400 Computational Physics I
3 STAT 7400 Computational Statistics



Directed Research: Total Credits (6 hours)

Credits Course Title
1-6 COMS 7900 Directed Research

*Students will enroll in this course prior to their advancement to candidacy.


Dissertation: Total Credits (12 hours)

Credits Course Title 
1-12 COMS 7640 Dissertation Research

*Students are only allowed to enroll in this course following successful completion of their preliminary exam and their advancement to candidacy.