Counseling Services

The purpose of individual counseling is to provide confidential, quality assistance to MTSU students. While we strive to be available to all students needing these services, we assume special responsibility for those in need of immediate assistance. Our goal is to understand students' concerns and to develop and implement counseling plans that respond to their needs as effectively and expediently as possible.

The goal of personal counseling is to help individuals grow through the exploration of personal issues that are causing them distress. If you are grappling with distress, it may become harder to keep a balance in your life . Our model of counseling is a brief goal-oriented approach with the provision of longer term counseling at the discretion of the counseling staff (based on time availability and client factors). Counseling services are limited in conformance with this model, without specific time limits or session limits.

For more information, please contact Counseling Services in Keathley University Center, room 326-S at 615-898-2670.