If you'll be attending MTSU in the fall semester, for your convenience we have scheduled several different dates throughout the summer. The choice of the sessions is yours, but to receive the maximum benefits it is imperative that you attend the entire session. You cannot just come for scheduling; nor can you receive your class schedule before the assigned time. Reservations will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis, so be sure to register as early as possible.

If you'll be attending MTSU in the spring semester, the CUSTOMS is a condensed version of our summer program and will only be one day.

Freshmen are encouraged to attend a CUSTOMS session before registering. Sessions are offered on the following dates:


November 23, 2013     All Colleges

(Students entering MTSU in the Fall 2014 semester)

May 21-22 (W-Th)                                                                  All Colleges - first priority given to MTSU scholarship students

MTSU Scholarship recipients: you will NOT be able to register for the MAY 21-22 scholarship CUSTOMS session online. It is reserved for this specific group of scholarship students. You will receive the registration material in the mail for this session. Please wait for this information in the mail.

May 29-30 (Th-F) CBAS/CBHS/Und
June 3-4 (T-W) Bus/LA/MC/Ed/Und
June 10-11 (T-W) CBAS/CBHS/Und
June 20-21 (F-S) CBAS/CBHS/Und
June 24-25 (T-W) Bus/LA/MC/Ed/Und
July 8-9 (T-W) CBAS/CBHS/Und
July 11-12 (F-S) Bus/LA/MC/Ed/Und
July 17-18 (Th-F) CBAS/CBHS/Und
July 22-23 (T-W) Bus/LA/MC/Ed/Und
July 29-30 (T-W) All Colleges

To ensure processing of your information to the appropriate offices, we ask to receive your registration at least one week prior to the date of attendance.

  CBAS           College of Basic and Applied Sciences
  CBHS   College of Behavioral & Health Sciences
  Bus   College of Business
  Ed   College of Education
  LA   College of Liberal Arts
  MC   College of Mass Communication
  Und   Undeclared students

View the Academic Program Codes to ensure that you select the right college for your intended major.