MTSU Dance Department

Undergraduate Program

Theatre and Dance, Dance Cognate and Dance Minor

The Dance Cognate is an 18 hour course of study connected to a Theatre Concentration in the Department of Theatre and Dance. The cognate is designed to provide students with diverse experiences in dance, including studio technique, creative studies and dance history and theory. Students pursuing a cognate are typically preparing for performance careers, graduate school, or teaching.

The Dance Minor is an 18 hour course of study that emphasizes cultural, social and historical aspects of dance.

Students who are interested in either the Dance Cognate or the Minor in Dance should meet with the Program Director at the outset of their studies to plan their program of study.

For curricular details please visit the MTSU online catalog.

University College, Bachelor of University Studies, Area of Emphasis Dance

If you are interested in a future career in the area of Dance, this emphasis area will provide you with the opportunity to explore a broad spectrum of courses. Courses include studies in a variety of dance techniques, choreography and performance, dance history and theory, and dance pedagogy. Students interested in pursuing dance as a career may have an option for an internship providing real-world experiences and professional networking.

For more information please visit University College or contact the program director.