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Special Projects Award Recipients

Special Projects award-winners are chosen by the Foundation's Special Projects Committee.

2014 Recipients

Dr. Ahad Nasab
Engineering Technology
$16,000 for “Innovations in Robotic-Based Manufacturing”

Dr. Ashley B. Morris
$9,000 for “MTSU Virtual Herbarium”


2013 Recipient:

Dr. Saeed Foroudastan
Basic & Applied Sciences
$15,000 for the “Experimental Vehicles Program Hybrid Car Project”

Ms. Gail Zlotky
$10,000 for the “Development and Implementation of a National Certification Program for LifeFlight Communication Specialist

2012 Recipient:

Mr. Kyle Snyder
$25,000 for the "Aerial Imagery of the MTSU Farm Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems."

2011 Recipients:

Dr. Scott Handy
$13,000 for the "FlowStart Microflow System Project";

Dr. Heather Brown
(Engineering Technology-Concrete Industry Management)
$7,000 for the "Net-Zero Emergency Shelter Partnership Project";

2010 Recipients:

Dr. Rebecca Conard
$12,000 for the "Stones River Battlefield Historic Landscape Digital History Project"

Mr. S.L. Alligood
$8,000 for the "Multimedia Storytelling Project"

2009 Recipients:

Dr. Anatoliy VolKov
$12,000 to establish the "High Performance Computing and Advanced 3D Visualization Laboratory (VisLab)";

Dr. James H. Williams
(Gore Research Center)
$8,000 to develop "A Centennial Museum of MTSU History";

2008 Recipients:

Daniel Erenso
(Physics and Astronomy)
$16,000 for the "Ellipsometric Laser Tweezer";

John DiVincenzo
$4,000 for the "CLEAR Water Institute";

2007 Recipients:

Charles H. Perry
(Russell Chair of Manufacturing Excellence
$10,000 for the "MTSU Center for Green Energy Management (GEM)";

Ken Middleton
(James E. Walker Library)
$5,000 for the "MTSU Memory Project";

2006 Recipients:

Cindy Smith-Walters, Bob English, and Laura McCall
(Center for Environmental Education)
$10,000 for the "Four-Season Virtual Tree Trail";

Derek Frisby
$5,000 to construct the "MTSU Veterans Memorial Project

2005 Recipient:

Dr. Andrienne C. Friedli
$15,000 to help establish the MTSU Interdisciplinary Microscopy and Imaging Center (MIMIC)

2004 Recipients:

Dr. Jette Halladay
(Speech and Theatre)
$5,000 for "American Tall Tales";

Dr. Albert Ogden
$5,000 to establish a Geology (mineral, gem, and fossil) Museum at MTSU

2003 Recipients:

Dr. William Black (Walker Library)
Dr. Alan Boehm (Walker Library)
Prof. Janet Higgins (Art Department)
$7,000 to construct an eighteenth-century printing press

Dr. Shelley Thomas
(Foreign Languages and Literature)
$3,000 to establish the MTSU Summer Language Institute

2002 Recipients:

Dr. Rebekah Alexander
(Elementary and Special Education)
$1,000 to expand the Reach Out & Read of Middle Tennessee Program to the Rutherford County Health Department in Murfreesboro

Dr. Troy Festervand
(College of Business)
$9,000 to begin the Institute for Diversity Training and Executive Education

2001 Recipients:

Gail Fedak
(Instructional Media Resources)
$5,000 to convert the Vital History audiocassettes to compact disc format and catalog these in the University library's database

Margaret Ordoubadian
$5,000 to promote and preserve the University's Children's Books and Materials collection, formerly known as the Curriculum Library

2000 Recipient:

Dr. Ngee-Sing Chong
(Chemistry Department)
$10,000 to set up a mobile laboratory to monitor air quality at various sites across Tennessee

1999 Recipients:

Dr. Gary Wulfsberg
(Chemistry Department)
$4,500 for the National Center for the Application of NQR spectroscopy in Inorganic Chemistry

Wayne Rollins
(Cooperative Education)
$2,000 to promote the Cooperative Education Scholarships Program

1998 Recipient:

Dr. Ron Messier
(History Department)
$3,000 for the traveling exhibit of artifacts from Sijilmasa (Morocco)

1997 Recipient:

Dr. Molly Whaley
(Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Safety)
Support in raising funds for the Driver Education Program

1996 Recipient:

Dr. Basavapatna Sridhara
(Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Studies)
Support in raising funds for Solaraider