Upcoming 2016 Events

Date Event
11/12/2016 Ms. Hannah Krimm - Identification of Children At-Risk for Language-Learning Disabilities - Attendees will learn to recognize early warning signs for language-based learning disabilities. Current factors influencing identification of language-based learning disabilities will also be reviewed.
12/10/2016 Ms. Wendy Boehm - Assistive Technology for Struggling Readers - Attendees will gain information about available assistive technology, software , and online resources that promote independence and success for individuals with dyslexia.
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Structured Literacy Instruction: The Shelton Academic Reading Approach (SARA)
SARA is a two-year IMSLEC and IDA accredited course utilizing structured, multi-sensory language instruction based on the Alphabetic Phonics approach for teaching students with specific language disabilities, such as dyslexia and related disorders.
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1/21/2017 Accurate and Automatic Decoding Workshop
Presented by: Neuhaus Education Center, hosted by TN Center for Dyslexia
In Accurate and Automatic Decoding, participants learn about basic decoding concepts and the structure of written English that aid the accurate and automatic recognition of printed words. Instruction for participants will include 1) sound-symbol correspondences, 2) syllable types, 3) syllable division patterns, 4) common roots and affixes, and 5) opportunities for practice. Audience: Grade K-3 Teachers

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