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Upcoming 2016 Events

Date Event
9/10/2016 Afternoon Session only! Parents Welcome! Casey Brasher - Understanding Literacy Assessment and Intervention - Attendees will understand the underlying skills necessary for learning to read and also gain an understanding of assessment information in order to identify appropriate interventions for struggling readers.
10/14/2016 Meeting the needs of students with dyslexia and specific reading disability

Registration Closed

11/12/2016 Ms. Hannah Krimm - Identification of Children At-Risk for Language-Learning Disabilities - Attendees will learn to recognize early warning signs for language-based learning disabilities. Current factors influencing identification of language-based learning disabilities will also be reviewed.
12/10/2016 Ms. Wendy Boehm - Assistive Technology for Struggling Readers - Attendees will gain information about available assistive technology, software , and online resources that promote independence and success for individuals with dyslexia.
12/12/2016-12/16/2016 Shelton Training more info to come

Please visit the Workshops and Professional Development page for more information about these events.