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Dyslexia Success Series Workshops

Registration and refreshments 12-12:30. Workshop 12:30 - 3:30.
Unless otherwise noted, the events will take place at the TN Center for Dyslexia, Room 116

9/23/2017 Promoting Reading Comprehension in Grades 4-12
Jennifer Cooper, PhD

The session will focus on vocabulary instructional strategies to promote reading comprehension in the classroomA brief overview of research examining the connections between vocabulary and background knowledge and reading comprehension will be presented. Attendees will gain strategies to support struggling readers at home and school with the development of vocabulary and background knowledge in support of reading comprehension skills.

Choosing the Right Accommodations to Ensure Success
Erin Alexander, Ed.S., NCSP
Due to weaknesses in reading, writing, and spelling, students with characteristics of dyslexia often need accommodations in order to gain full access to information at their grade level and intellectual level. Individualized planning for accommodations that support learning in the classroom and that reflect that learning on testing is required. Classroom accommodations will be discussed as well as applying for accommodations on the ACT, SAT, and in college.

11/18/2017 Teaching Handwriting: Automaticity in Support of Reading and Spelling
Melinda Hirschmann, Ed.D.
Research has shown that direct instruction of handwriting is beneficial to literacy development for all students. It is a vital aspect of direct, explicit, multisensory instruction of literacy skills for students with characteristics of dyslexia. An overview of the principles in multisensory teaching of print and cursive will be shared with a focus on integrating direct instruction of handwriting into classroom activities and reinforcing with practice at home.

Basic Special Education Rights & IEP Planning (no registration fee)
Joey Ellis - STEP
Participants will gain a basic understanding of Special Education rights and laws and increase understanding of the development of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in this two-part workshop (both parents and educators are welcome). The morning session will focus on special education laws as well as the team-based development of an appropriate IEP. In the afternoon session, participants will work through the IEP document page-by-page while learning the different types of services offered through Special Education. Participants will gain an understanding of how to write effective and measurable IEP goals. Child-centered effective communication within the IEP team will also be addressed.

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Other Workshops and Conferences

10/19/2017 - 10/20/2017         Improving Two Pillars of Reading: Fluency and Comprehension


This 2-day workshop will focus on supplemental instruction for struggling readers in grades 1-5 for two of those pillars: reading fluency and comprehension. Educators will be able to take the materials and procedures back to the classroom for application with students who struggle with fluency, comprehension, or both. More Information