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Success with Dyslexia

Actors, Actresses and Entertainers

John Lennon - Songwriter

Kiera Knightley
- Actress

Harry Belafonte
- Singer / Entertainer

George Burns - Actor / Comedian

Stephen J. Cannell - TV Writer / Producer - Director of Hill Street Blues, Rockford Files

Cher - Singer / Actress

Tom Cruise - Actor

Walt Disney - Created / Produced animated cartoons: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck

Danny Glover - Actor

Tracey Gold - Actress


Vince Vaughn - Actor

Orlando Bloom
- Actor

Keanu Reeves - Actor

Whoopi Goldberg
- Actress / Comedian

David Jones - Helicopter Pilot / Stunt Man

Jay Leno - "Tonight Show" host

Tom Smothers - Comedian

Aaron Spelling - TV / Film Producer Dynasty

Quentin Tarantino - Actor / Producer / Director

Lindsey Wagner - Actress, Bionic Woman

Henry Winkler - Actor, The Fonz

Famous Athletes

Magic Johnson - Former LA Lakers Basketball player

Ann Bancroft
- only woman to go to the North Pole by dog sled (1986)

Bruce Jenner - U.S. Olympic decathlon gold medalist 1976; fitness expert

Greg Louganis - won 48 national diving titles; U.S. Olympic diving silver medalist 1976; gold medalist '84 & '88; World Diving Champion 1986


Muhammad Ali - World Heavyweight Champion Boxer

Nolan Ryan
- Pitcher for Texas Rangers

Jackie Stewart - Race Car Driver

Russell White - Football Running Back

Eric Wynalda - Professional Soccer Player (1994)

Presidents, Inventors, Authors and More

Pablo Picasso - Artist

Alexander Graham Bell
- Invented the Telephone

Leonardo da Vinci - Italian sculptor, architect, engineer, mathematician, inventor, artist, multi-talented genius; designs in geometry; helicopter; Mona Lisa painting

George Bush - U.S. President (1988-1992)

George Washington - First U.S. President

Woodrow Wilson - U.S. President (1913-1920); League of Nations

Thomas Edison - inventor; 1300+ inventions (microphone; phonograph; incandescent light


Tommy Hilfiger - Clothing designer

Winston Churchill
- British Prime Minister

Paul Ehrlich - Bacteriologist 'side chain theory' (Nobel Prize in medicine - 1908)

Michael Faraday - Discovered Electromagnetic Induction

General George Patton - WW II

King Karl XI - King of Sweden

Wm. Butler Yeats - Poet; Nobel Prize 1923

Henry Ford - Manufactured Ford Automobiles