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Unless otherwise noted, the events will take place at the TN Center for Dyslexia, Room 116

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1/23/16 Mr. Scott Field - Using Improvisation as a Tool for Teaching and Learning FULL Morning Session Open to Educators
Because it is a group art form, improvisational theater games get your students moving in a cooperative way. Working kinesthetic, social emotional, and thinking pathways, improv can help you manage the energy and focus of your students and can even be used to help boost reading comprehension. Come prepared to actively participate in this highly interactive workshop.
2/20/16 Ms. Hannah Krimm - Using Morphology to Support Literacy Success
Study of morphology can address phonology, orthography, and semantics, and support problem solving skills. The presenter will share activities and strategies that will equip parents, educators, and students to identify the logic in English spelling.
3/19/16 Ms. Nancy Duggin - Reading Stamina—Eyes on the Page
A growing number of students struggle with reading, not because they can’t read, but because they do not have the needed skills to persevere through challenging, even difficult reading tasks.
4/16/16 Mr. Joey Ellis - Basic Rights (STEP) FREE
5/14/16 Mr. Joey Ellis - IEP (STEP) FREE



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