Seminars are held from 12:30 to 2 p.m. in BAS S337. To obtain a copy of a seminar paper, please contact Karen

Fall 2013

  • September 13: Roundtable of New Research Ideas 1.
  • September 17: David Neumark, University of California-Irvine, "Revisiting the Minimum Wage-Employment Debate: Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater." [BAS S 337, 2:40-4 p.m.].
  • September 20: Wes Routon, MTSU, "Demand for Telephone Services and the Welfare Effect of Smartphones."
  • September 24: Michael Munger, Duke University, "What is 'Voluntary?' What is 'Coercive'?" [7 p.m., Cason-Kennedy Nursing Building 121].
  • September 27: David Blau, The Ohio State University, "Unanticipated Inheritance and Collective Labor Supply."
  • October 4: Giuseppe Rionero, MTSU, "Does Denying Driver Licenses to Unauthorized Immigrants Affect Road Safety?"
  • October 18: Abhradeep Maiti, MTSU, "Labor Demand Elasticity in the United States."
  • October 25: Michael House, MTSU, "The Effect of Parental Drinking on Children's Educational and Labor Market Outcomes."
  • November 8: Roundtable of New Research Ideas 2.
  • November 15: Eric Wooten, MTSU, TBA.
  • November 22: Asli Kars, MTSU, "The Effect of Education on Health: Evidence from Turkey."
  • December 2: Lawrence White, George Mason University, "The Federal Reserve System at 100: Success or Failure." [7 p.m., BAS S 102].

Spring 2013

  • January 18: Lei Guo, Utah State University, "Social Security is Not a Substitute for Annuities."
  • January 22: Laurel Beck, University of Wisconsin, "The Effects of Medicare Eligibility on Health Care Utilization and Outcomes."
  • January 29: Michael Schreck, University of Virginia, "Matching Money and Donor Beliefs: A Field Experiment in Charitable Giving."
  • February 1: Sebastian Roelands, Notre Dame, "Asymmetric Interest Rate Pass-Through from Monetary Policy: The Role of Bank Regulation."
  • February 4: Christopher Clapp, University of Virginia, "Should My Car Move or Should I? A Model of Residential and Commuting Choices."
  • February 5: Matt Harris, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, "What is the Full Cost of Body Mass in the Workplace? A Dynamic Stochastic Model of Occupational Choice, Hours Worked, and Body Weight Over the Life Cycle."
  • February 20: Isaac Swensen, University of Oregon, "Substance Abuse Treatment and Mortality."
  • March 5: Dennis Coates, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, "Public Financing of Sports Stadiums."
  • March 20: Matthew Yglesias, "The Rent is Too Damn High."
  • March 25: Dennis Jansen, Texas A&M University, "How Well Does 'Core' CPI Capture Permanent Price Changes?"
  • March 28: Bill Hoyt, University of Kentucky, "Anticipated Property Tax Increases and the Timing of Home Sales: Evidence from Administrative Data."
  • April 22: Don Boudreaux, George Mason University, "The Life and Contributions of Nobel Prize Winner and MTSU Alumnus James M. Buchanan."

Fall 2012

  • September 12: David R. Henderson, Naval Postgraduate School and a research fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution, "How Economists Helped to End the Military Draft."
  • September 14: Alauddin Majumder, MTSU, "The Effects of Housing Tenure on Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from the USA."
  • September 14: Alauddin Majumder, MTSU, "The Effects of Housing Tenure on Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from the USA."
  • September 28: Ayse Sapci, Vanderbilt University, "Costly Financial Intermediation and Business Cycle Asymmetries."
  • October 17: Bill Ford, Karen Mulligan, Todd Gabel, Gram Gallagher, and Mike Hammock, MTSU, "Pre-Election Policy Discussion Panel."
  • October 19: Wes Routon, MTSU, "The Effect of 21st Century Military Service on Civilian Labor and Educational Outcomes."
  • October 26: Michael House, MTSU, "The Effect of Parental Drinking on Children’s Educational and Labor Market Outcomes."
  • November 2: Christian Brown, MTSU, "Returns to Post-Incarceration Education for Former Prisoners."
  • November 9: Anca Traian, MTSU, "The Effect of Paid Maternity Leave on Participation in Government Assistance Programs."
  • November 9: Douglas Allen, Simon Fraser University, "The Industrial Revolution: What Happened to Dueling, Aristocrats, Indentured Servants, and the Town Watch?"

Spring 2012

  • February 24: Bram Gallagher, University of Georgia, "Direct-to-Consumer Advertising and Alternative Medicine Prescriptions: Evidence from Advertising Expenditure Data and Medical Expenditure Panel Survey."
  • March 14: Frank Stephenson, Berry College, "Want A Job? Get A License."
  • March 16: Jonathan Adongo, MTSU, "An Empirical Analysis of Matching Patterns for Venture Capital and Private Equity Markets in Africa."
  • March 23: Anca Traian, MTSU, "Is Unsecured Debt and Alternative for Single Mother Families during Periods of Income Shortfall?"
  • March 28: David Figlio, Northwestern University, "The Pitfalls and Promise of Market-Based Education Reforms."
  • April 13: Albert Davies, MTSU, "The Effects of Monetary Policy on Housing Using State Level Data."
  • April 25: Matt Booth, MTSU, "Evidence for Different Efficiency Wage Theories."

Fall 2011

  • September 16: Laron Kirby, MTSU, "The Impact of Homosexual Marriage on the Wage Differentials of Gays and Lesbians."
  • September 23: Hussain Zakir, MTSU, "The Effects of Net Worth on Body Weight."
  • September 30: Open, Economic Outlook Conference
  • October 7: Josh Hill, MTSU
  • October 21: Albert Davies, MTSU
  • October 28: Catherine Chen, MTSU
  • November 4: Christian Brown, MTSU, "Beyond Bars: Estimating the Economic Consequences of Parental Incarceration."
  • November 9: Bryan Kaplan, George Mason University, "Immigration Restrictions: A Solution in Search of a Problem."
  • November 11: Jay K. Walker, Universit of Memphis, "Greeks Just Want to Have Fun, or Do They? Fraternal Membership and College Outcomes."
  • November 18: Art Carden, Rhodes College, "Waltonomics: Wal-Mart and Society."
  • November 18: Charlie Baum, MTSU, "The Socio-Economic Causes of Obesity."
  • Deemberc 2: Alan Seals, Auburn University, "Child-Custody Reform and the Division of Labor in the Household."

Fall 2010

  • October 1: Chris Klein and Reuben Kyle, MTSU, "The Price of Quality: Hedonic Estimation of Implicit Market Models for Higher Education."
  • October 5: Ramon (Ray) P. DeGennaro, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, "How Did Kelo Affect Business Formation?"
  • October 8: J. Laron Kirby, MTSU, "The Impact of Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Partnerships on the Wage Differentials of Men and Women in Same-Sex Relationships."
  • October 29: Rob Girtz, MTSU, "The Effects of Personality Traits on Wages: A Matching Approach."
  • November 5: Adam Rennhoff, MTSU, "Bundling, a la Carte Pricing, and Vertical Bargaining in a Two-Sided Model."
  • November 12: Greg Nagel, MTSU, "The Financial Outcome of Hiring a CEO from Outside the Firm."
  • November 19: Hussain Zakir, MTSU, "Does Walking and Riding a Bike to School Reduce Obesity? Evidence from the NLSY 1979 using Propensity Score Matching."
  • December 3: Alan Seals, Auburn University, TBA.

Spring 2010

  • February 9: Bill Neilson, University of Tennessee- Knoxville, "Activity Bias and Focal Points in Strategic Form Games."
  • February 26: E. Anthon Eff, MTSU, "When One Wife is Enough: The Determinants of Monogamy."
  • March 19: Mark F. Owens, MTSU, "Other-Regarding Preferences with Peer Workers in Labor Markets: An Experimental Investigation."

Fall 2009

  • September 14: Sandeep Mazumder, Wake Forest University, "The New Keynesian Phillips Curve and the Cyclicality of Marginal Cost."
  • October 9: Greg Givens, MTSU, "Estimating Central Bank Preferences under Commitment and Discretion."
  • October 23: Lou Smith, MTSU, "Explaining Teenage Pregnancy: Is it Random or Not?"
  • October 30: Adam Hogan, MTSU, "Do Racially Identifying Names Matter in Competitive Markets? Evidence from a Field Experiment."
  • November 6: Walter Enders, University of Alabama, "Measuring the Economic Costs of Terrorism."
  • November 13: Adam Rennhoff, MTSU, "Cooperation, Competition, or Independence: Competition and Church Strategic Choices."
  • November 20: Wei Kang, MTSU, "Asymmetric Effects of Oil Price Changes on State Income."
  • December 4: Chris Klein, MTSU, "The Effect of State Funded Merit Scholarships for Higher Education on Pre-College Academic Performance."

Spring 2009

  • January 23: John Nunley, "Child-Custody Reform and Marriage-Specific Investment in Children."
  • January 30: Travis Minor, "The Effect of Diabetes on Labor Force Decisions."
  • February 27: Mark Owens, "Does Gift Exchange Increase with Age?"
  • March 20: Adam Hogan, "Do Culturally Identifying Names Matter in Competitive Markets? Evidence from a Field Experiment."
  • March 27: Shea Slonaker, "The Economics of the Recorded Music Industry."
  • April 17: Chris Kline and Tony Eff, "What Can We Learn from Education Production Studies?" 

Fall 2008

  • September 5: Travis Minor, "The Effect of Type-Two Diabetes on Labor Force Decisions: New Evidence from the National Health Interview Survey." 
  • September 12: John Nunley, "Child-Custody Reform and Marriage-Specific Investment in Children." 
  • September 19: Rachel Wilson, "Health Insurance: Can Liberalized Regulations of Advanced Practice Nurses Help Curb Soaring Employment-Based Health Premiums?"
  • October 3: Kevin Zhao, "Information-Driven Short Selling and Uptick Rules."
  • October 24: Greg Givens, "Unemployment Insurance in a Sticky-Price Model with Worker Moral Hazard."
  • November 7: Kevin Huang, Vanderbilt University, "Rationalizing Seven Consumption-Saving Puzzles in a Unified Framework."
  • November 21: Brandeanna Allen, "The Effect of Joint Child-Custody Legislation on the Child-Support Receipt of Single Mothers."

Seminars (2007-2008)

  • September 7: Richard Hannah, "To Compete or Not to Compete: Post-Employment Covenants Restrictions in Labor Markets."
  • September 14: Alan Seals, "Are Gangs an Alternative to Legitimate Employment? Investigating the Impact of Labor Market Effects on Gang Affiliation." 
  • September 21: Charlie Baum, "The Effects of Food Stamp Benefits on Weight Gained by Expectant Mothers." 
  • September 28: Rachel Wilson, "The Role of Mid-level Practitioners in Health Care Costs to Consumers."
  • October 5: D. Ellis Tallman (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta), "Liquidity Creation without a Lender of Last Resort: Clearing House Loan Certificates in the Banking Panic of 1907." 
  • October 19: Adam Rennhoff, "The Effectiveness of Post-Release Movie Advertising." 
  • October 26: Chris Klein, "Deregulation and the Demise of Sham Litigation: Evidence from Appellate Decisions 1972-2006."
  • November 2: John Nunley, "The Effects of Household Income Volatility on Divorce." 
  • November 16: Stuart Fowler, "The Case for Intensive Skill-Biased Technological Change." 
  • February 8: Justin Gardner, MTSU Agribusiness Department, "Genetically Modified Crops: An Input Distance Function Approach." 
  • February 22: Stefan Krause, Emory University, "Better Off without the Euro? Evaluating Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Performance for Denmark, Sweden and the UK." 
  • March 14: Georg Schaur, University of Tennessee - Knoxville, "Hedging Price Volatility Using Fast Transport." 
  • March 28: Tony Eff, MTSU, "Market Integration and Prosocial Behavior: Some Evidence from the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample." 
  • April 3: Kevin Huang, Vanderbilt University, "Learning, Adaptive Expectations, and Technology Shocks," postponed due to illness.
  • April 11: Cristina Rennhoff, Vanderbilt University, "Are Rodeo Cowboys Afraid of a Little Competition?: The Conflicting Influence of Competition on Entry Decisions." 
  • April 18: Shea Slonake, MTSU, "Product Variety in the Recorded Music Industry: 1990-2005."
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