Checklist for Undergraduate Students-Freshman and Transfer

First Steps

Attend a CUSTOMS Orientation - 615-898-5533

 Offered Summer for Fall, December for Spring
 2+2 students are allowed to complete the online transfer orientation per Admissions

Choose one of the following majors:

 Elementary Education: Interdisciplinary Studies Licensure in Grades K-5 or 6-8
 Early Childhood Education Licensure in Pre-K-3
 Special Education Licensure in Grades K-12 (modified & comprehensive) 

First MTSU Semester

Set up an appointment with a College of Education Advisor. College of Education Advisors listed below:

 Students meet with College Advisors before admittance into Teacher Education
 Incoming Freshman/Continuing Non-Transfers COE 313, Bryanna Licciardi,
 Initial Transfer Students (admission/first semester at MTSU) COE 307, June Adams,
 Transfer Students/Readadmits COE 323, Alicia N. Abney,
 2+2 A.S.T. Students, Dr. Terri Tharp,, 615-494-7633
 Secondary Eduation Minors COE 315,


Follow the Academic Map for your Major

Example: Interdisciplinary Studies (Grades K-5)

 Follow the recommended sequence when registering for courses.
 We advise all students to follow the recommended sequence in our support for student success.

Elementary Education: Interdisciplinary Studies follow the checklist below:

First MTSU Semester

 First semester Freshman-Register for EESE 1010 along with other recommended general courses. 

Description of course found in undergraduate cataglog.

 Purchase LiveText 
 Demonstrate Acceptable-Professional Dispositions throughout Program of Studies.
Disposiitons and Student Friendly Bullet Dispositions


Second MTSU Semester

Elementary Education: Interdisciplinary Studies follow the checklist below:

 Second semester Freshman-Register for EESE 1011 along with other recommended general education courses.

Description of course found in undergraduate catalog.

 Complete Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) for Admittance to the Teacher Education Program. See cut off scores.
 Praxis Core is a series of three basic skills tests (reading, writing, and math) required in some states without any exemptions.

In Tennessee, students are exempt from PRAXIS I testing if they earned an SAT score of at least 1020, an ACT score of at least 22, or if they have earned a master's degree when they receive initial licensure.

 Take this test as early as possible to keep on target with your program of studies.
 Praxis preparation materials.

Third MTSU Semester

Apply for Admittance to the Teacher Education Program using LiveText. Sign in and follow the directions for admittance. To be formally admitted to the teacher education program, candidates must complete the following:

 Application submitted to LIveText complete the admission application;
 Have acceptable scores on the ACT, SAT, or the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Tests as set by the Tennessee State Board of Education;
 Complete at least 45 semester hours with at least 6 semester hours at MTSU;
 Have an overall grade point average of 2.75; (Grades earned in basic, learning support, and university studies courses are not used in computation of the required average.);
 Have three favorable professional interviews;
 Have disciplinary clearance from MTSU Office of Student Conduct;
 Complete a background/fingerprinting check.
 Have acceptable Dispositions
 Successful completion of EESE 1010, EESE 1011 Students receive confirmation for Admittance to the Teacher Education Program from: Office of Professional Lab Field Experiences
 Executive Aide 898-2485  Room 209 Bldg COE

After successful admittance to Teacher Education, students are assigned a faculty advisor. An email will be sent soon after admission notifying the student of advisor assignment.

 You may also check RaiderNet for assigned advisor.

How to find assigned advisor on RaiderNet

 Log in to PipelineMT, click on the RaiderNet tab, then on the Student tab, and select Registration.
 Select a term and submit. (Make sure you select the correct term.
 Click on Assigned Advisor(s).
 See all assigned advisor(s) including office locations, emails, and phone numbers.

Fourth MTSU Semester

Meet with Faculty Advisor to complete intent to graduate and upper division form.

Student submits upper division and intent to graduate form to June Adams. Graduation Analyst Room 0307 Bldg College of Education (COE)  615 898-5153

Meet with Faculty Advisor to sign up for Residency I

 Residency I Cohorts –procedures explained
 Plan for Praxis II Tests
 Meet with Career Development Center-resume, interviews, etc.

Fifth MTSU Semester

Make sure you are following the correct sequence of courses on the academic map to enter Residency 1 next year.

 Begin taking Praxis II exams (total of four to be completed) Tennessee State Requirements
 Praxis II Subject Assessments measure knowledge of specific subjects that K–12 educators will teach, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills and knowledge.  PRAXIS II testing is required in 40+ states for teacher licensing; however, requirements change frequently in Tennessee and other states. Students must meet the testing requirements at the time they are recommended for licensure by the institution where they completed the teacher preparation program.
 Each Tennessee teaching license application must include passing scores on a general professional education test at the appropriate grade level (Principles of Learning and Teaching Early Childhood, K-5, 6-8, or 7-12) and passing scores on the appropriate specialty test(s) for each endorsement. The examinations can be taken in any sequence in the same semester or the same year.

Sixth MTSU Semester

 Complete all methods courses (There is a summer option, but it is highly recommended for students to take
READ 4015, ELED3150, and ELED3300 in the “regular” semester).
 Sign up for Residency II cohort for the following semester


Seventh MTSU Semester

 Attend Residency I Orientation
 Attend all Residency I Seminars
 Complete Residency I
 Apply for Residency II in LiveText
 Sign up/register for Residency II cohort for the following semester


Eighth MTSU Semester

 Attend Residency II Orientation
 Attend all Residency II Seminars
 Complete Residency II
Finish all Praxis II Exams