Electronic Media Communication

Capture your creative vision

MTSU's Department of Electronic Media Communication (EMC) blends communication skills, creativity, critical thinking, and new technologies to help students learn how to navigate a world that has evolved beyond the traditional.

The Department's accomplished faculty, both professional and academic, challenges students to become effective communicators and creators of media content.

Students get hands-on experience in stimulating learning environments. Facilities include a 40-foot mobile television production lab, a 3,000 square foot video and film studio, a full complement of high definition production facilities, a robotic virtual TV studio, video editing suites, digital labs equipped with state of the art hardware and software, an animation studio, a student-run TV station, a student-run FM radio station, traditional and digital photography facilities, and more. Our Baldwin Photographic Gallery exhibits the work of some of the world's greatest photographers. Internships with local and national employers provide real-world work experiences.

Our students have the opportunity to elevate their educations through the University's Honors College, experiential learning programs, and post-graduate study.

With our diverse set of programs, we teach student how to conceive, create, and manage media content across virtually every platform.

Celebrating excellence in Tennessee high schools media arts, the 2015 BLUE SPARK AWARDS presentation was conducted on April 25, 2015. To see the winners, visit http://www.emcmtsu.com/spark/
This annual competition allows Tennessee high school students to showcase their creative and technical skills in producing short films, music videos, animation, photography, newscasts, and new media.
Instructions for entering the 2016 BLUE SPARK AWARDS will be announced later this year.

For complete information about the BLUE SPARK AWARDS, go to http://emcmtsu.com/spark/