Dr. Allison Smith

Dr. Allison Smith

GTA Coordinator
Member, Graduate Faculty

B.A., 1983, California State University, Long Beach; M.A., 1986, California State University, Long Beach; Ph.D., 1994, University of Illinois. (2002)

Office: PH 310A; Phone/Voice Mail: 904-8266

Dr. Allison Smith, Professor (Ph.D., University of Illinois), 2002. Composition and applied linguistics. Co-author/co-editor of Teaching in the Pop Culture Zone (2009), The Pop Culture Zone: Writing Critically About Pop Culture (2009), and CompBiblio: Leaders and Influences in Composition Theory and Practice (2007). Series editor for the Fountainhead Press X Series for Professional Development in composition and pedagogy. Author of articles and encyclopedia entries on pop culture and writing pedagogy; grammar; distance learning; journaling; and the intersection of linguistics and composition.

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Selected presentations:

  • April 2002: THE (Teaching in Higher Education) in Baton Rouge, LA : "Preparing the Ingredients: First Steps in Developing a New Web Course" Session Leader:"Cyber Chicken Soup for the Distance Educator's Soul"
  • January 2002: LSA (Linguistic Society of America) in San Francisco, CA: "Language Videos on the Web: A New LSA Outreach Project"
  • October 2001: SCMLA (South Central Modern Language Association) in Tulsa, OK: Session Leader: Regular Session on Linguistics
  • May 2001: Computers and Writing Conference in Muncie, Indiana: "Taking the First Step: Distance Education System Building and Faculty Development" Session Leader: "Innovations in English: Designing an Effective Distance Education Model"
  • March 2001: SCWCA (South Central Writing Center Association) Conference in Lafayette, LA : "Reorganizing Developmental Composition When the Program is Under Fire" Session Leader: "Saving the Baby and the Bathwater: How to Use Tutorials to Save Developmental Composition Classes"
  • November 2000: SCMLA (South Central Modern Language Association) Conference in San : Antonio "History of English: A Pedagogy of Interdisciplinary Concepts"
  • April 2000: THE (Teaching in Higher Education) Conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: "Innovation and Collaboration: Faculty Development, the First Step"
  • Session Leader : "Innovation and Collaboration: Delivering Distance English Education"
  • March 2000: Lessons Learned Compressed Video Conference, Baton Rouge, Louisiana : "Distance Learning at Louisiana Tech"
  • October 1999: SCMLA (South Central Modern Language Association) Conference in Memphis: "English Dialects and the English Major"
  • Session Leader : "At the Intersection of English and Linguistics"
  • October 1999: LACC (Louisiana Association for College Composition) Conference in Eunice, LA: "Creating a Pro-Active Plan Against Student Plagiarism"
  • March 1999: SCWCA (South Central Writing Centers Association) Conference in Little Rock, AR: "Developing a Virtual Writing Center"
  • October 1998: LACC (Louisiana Association for College Composition) Conference in New Orleans: "Incorporating Grammar into the Composition Process"
  • November 1995: Panel Discussion, NCTE Conference in San Diego, California: "Teaching Grammar as Part of the Composition Process"
  • April 1995: English Department Colloquium, Western Washington University (and) March 1995: TESOL (Teachers of English as a Second or Other Language) Conference in Long Beach, California: "Revision: What's Grammar Got To Do With It?"
  • March 1994 with Anna Kasten: CCCC (College Composition and Communication Conference) in Nashville, Tennessee: "Latino Bilinguals: A Longitudinal Study of Their Rhetorical and Syntactic Development during Freshman Composition" Session Leader: "Teaching Diverse Populations"
  • April 1993 with Anna Kasten: AAAL Conference in Atlanta, Georgia: "Rhetorical and Syntactic Development in English Expository Writing"
  • April 1993: TESOL Conference in Atlanta, Georgia: "Teaching Successful Revision Strategies in the ESL Writing Classroom"
  • April 1993: CCCC in San Diego, California: "Computer Grammar Checkers: Do They Really Improve Student Writing?"
  • November 1992: NCTE Conference in Louisville, Kentucky: "Grammar and the ESL Student: Insights from Computer-Assisted Instruction Research"
  • October 1992: Midwest TESOL Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana: "Revision Strategies: Teaching ESL Writers to Use Them Effectively"
  • April 1992: Linguistics Department Seminar Series, UIUC, Urbana, Illinois: "An Analysis of the Effects of Grammar Checker Information on Revision Strategies"
  • March 1992: TESOL Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia: "Evaluating ESL Compositions: Does a Holistic Approach Really Work?" Session Leader: "Research in American Sign Language"
  • February 1992: AAAL Conference in Seattle, Washington: Session Leader, "Using ESL Techniques to Teach Writing to ASL Users"
  • February 1992 with Donald Cruickshank: AAAL Conference in Seattle, Washington: "L2 Acquisition of Rhetorical Strategies: Natural or Not?"
  • November 1991: Illinois TESOL/BE (Bilingual Education) Graduate Student Conference, Normal, Illinois: "Global/Local Composition Evaluation: Is a Holistic Approach Reliable?"
  • March 1991: TESOL Conference in New York City: "Revision Strategies for L2 Writers Using Computer Style Checkers"
  • November 1990: Illinois TESOL/BE Graduate Student Conference, Normal, Illinois: "Metacognitive Strategy Training: Is It Only for L1 Reading?"
  • April 1990: Pragmatics and Language Learning Conference in Urbana, Illinois: "An Analysis of Syntactic Complexity in Written Argumentative Discourse"