English Faculty Photo Composite

Full-time Faculty Profiles [for profiles of Part-time/Adjunct Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants, follow the links on the right]

Dr. Mohammed Albakry

Dr. Maria K. Bachman (Department Chair; Co-Editor, Victorians Institute Journal)

Dr. Linda Badley

Patricia Baines (Liaison to English Department and Writing Center)

Dr. Julie Barger

Dr. Claudia Barnett

Dr. Aleka Blackwell (Annual MTSU Linguistics Olympiad Coordinator)

Dr. Patricia Bradley

Dr. Will Brantley

Dr. Robert Bray (Editor, Tennessee Williams Annual Review)

Dr. Gaylord Brewer (Editor, Poems and Plays)

Kevin Brown

Matt Brown

Matt Burleson

Dr. Jimmie Cain (Academic Advisor)

Dr. Elvira Casal (Associate Chair, Academic Advisor)

Ethan Castelo

Sandra Cavender

Caty Chapman (Assistant Director, University Writing Center)

Dr. Maria Clayton

Dr. James Comas

Dr. BenĂ© Cox (Director of the University Writing Center)

Dr. Ellen Donovan (Co-Director of the Middle Tennessee Writing Project, GTA Coordinator)

Dr. Kevin Donovan (Director of the Milton Conference)

Dr. Laura Dubek

Cheryl Flanigan

Dr. Patricia Gaitely

LeAnne Garner

Dr. Deborah Gentry

Dr. Jill Hague

Dr. James Hamby (Interim Assistant Director of the UWC and GTA Coordinator)

Dr. Elyce Helford (Advisor, Holocaust Studies Minor)

Dr. Frances Henderson

Dr. Allen Hibbard (Director, Middle East Center)

Dr. Martha Hixon

Dr. Marion Hollings

Dr. Robert Holtzclaw (Advisor, Film Studies Minor)

Dr. Brett Hudson

Dr. Mark Allan Jackson

Dr. Newtona (Tina) Johnson (Director, Women's and Gender Studies)

Dr. Jennifer Kates

Dr. Ronald Kates (Director, Lower Division English; Advisor, Writing Minor; Academic Advisor; Co-Director, Middle Tennessee Writing Project)

Dr. Amy Kaufman

Dr. Becky King

Alvin Knox

Dr. Justyna Kostkowska

Dr. David Lavery (Director of Graduate Studies; Co-Editor of Slayage: The Journal of the Whedon Studies Association)

Bob Lawrence

Dr. Jid Lee

Dr. Bill Levine

David Lumpkin

Dr. Alfred Lutz

Alyson Lynn

Dr. Randy Mackin

Dr. Jennifer Marchant

Lori McClure-Wade

Dr. Pete McCluskey

Dr. Rhonda McDaniel (Graduate Advisor)

Adam McInturff

Joe Mitchell

Candace Moonshower

Dr. Michael Neth (Advisor, Great Books Minor)

Dr. Carl Ostrowski

Dr. Sheila Otto

Dr. Bob Petersen (Academic Advisor)

Dr. Philip Phillips (Associate Dean, University Honors College)

Janice Porth

Ryan Reed

Dr. Alicia Mischa Renfroe

Jenny Rowan (Assistant Director, University Writing Center)

James Scannell

Dr. Kristi Serrano

Dr. Ted Sherman

Dr. Allison Smith

Dr. Tom Strawman (Director of Lower Division English)

Jason Sublette

Dr. Kathleen Therrien (Director of Advising)

Dr. Warren Tormey

Jamie Smith Trusty

Thomas Tyner

Dr. Laura White

Dr. Jesse Williams

Lisa Williams

Jennifer Wilson

Dr. Timothy Wilt