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Former Colleagues:
Notes On and Photographs of Former
Members of the English Department

Follow the linked names in the table below to see a photograph of the individual.

Name Years at MTSU Notes
Ballew, Joseph 1963-1980
Barnard, Debby 1992-1995 Now an MTSU adjunct and grant writer for Parents Reaching Out.
Beasley, Bill
Bragg, Lois Now a member of the faculty at Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C.
Burk, Larry C.
Calcott, Dr. Emily xxxx-1974
Chamberlain, Charles
Christianson, Hal Retired, living in Murfreesboro.
Coleman, Greg Retired.
Crenshaw, Doug 19xx-1993 Retired.
Curtis, Mary Ann 1994-1997 Retired, living in Mufreesboro.
Derryberry, Virginia Deceased.
DeShazo, Ramon 19xx-1976
Evins, S. C. 19xx-1974
Gendron, Charisse 1983-1996 Living in Minneapolis
Ginanni, Frank 19xx-1994 Retired, living in Mufreesboro.
Grubbs, Grover C. Deceased.
Holland, Bill 19xx-1993 Retired: home address: 1705 Pahoiki Lane, Bastrop, TX 78602; e-mail:
Howard, Ed Retired, living in Murfreesboro.
Hyde, Ralph 1961-1979
Lee, Sara (Sally) 1990-1993
Kirkman, Loisteen Retired, living in Murfreesboro.
Mast, John 1962-1979
Nichols, Jeannette
Ordoubadian, Reza
Oswal, Sushil 1993-1996 A member of the faculty, English Department, University of Hartford.
Peck, Richard C. 1946-1973 Deceased.
Peck, Virginia 19xx-1978 Deceased.
Register, Roger 1992-1995 Now a book editor for xxx.
Tucker, Clay 19xx-19xx
Vaughan, Christine
Ware, Elaine 1980-1993 A member of the faculty, English Department, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
Wolfe, Bill 1969-1996 Retired, living in Murfreesboro.
Robert Alexander
Robert Alexander
Guy Anderson
Guy Anderson
Guy Anderson
Joseph Ballew
Joseph Ballew
Bill Beasley
Bill Beasley
Lois Bragg
Lois Bragg
Larry C. Burk
Larry C. Burk
Dr. Emily Calcott
Dr. Emily Calcott
Charles M. Chamberlain
Charles M.
Greg Coleman
Greg Coleman
Hal Christianson
Hal Christianson
Dough Crenshaw
Doug Crenshaw
Virginia Derryberry
Virginia Derryberry
Ramon DeShazo
Ramon DeShazo
S. C. Evins
S. C. Evins

Grover Grubbs

Bill Holland

Frank Ginanni

C. Edwin Howard

Ralph Hyde

Loisteen Kirkman

Sally Lee

John Mast

Jeannette Nichols

Reza Ordoubadian

Richard C. Peck

Virginia Peck

Roger Register

Clay Tucker

Christine Vaughan

Bill Wolfe