• Mechatronics combines mechanical, computer, and electrical engineering
  • At NASA's annual race, MTSU's moon buggy team is consistently the state's number one
  • Construction Management majors can choose among commercial, electrical, or residential construction
  • Rain gardens fulfill a vital ecological role on campus

VET 116 Lab Schedule

Spring 2015 VET 116 Schedule (If a class is in session, please do not enter.)

Summer Hours: The lab may be opened upon request between 8am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Please make the request to Kathy Johnson in VET 113, or TaKesha Anderson/Jennifer Tweedie in VET 143. The lab will be closed and all will be asked to leave at 4:30pm, or after the last class in the east wing has ended. If a class is in session, please do not enter.