Dr. Wandi Ding is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Middle Tennessee State University. She serves as faculty for the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Computational Science program, as well as the Honors College.


Dr. Ding conducts research on mathematical biology, computational biology, optimal control, mathematical modeling, ordinary and partial differential equations, difference equations and hybrid systems, with applications to population dynamics, disease modeling, natural resource management and systems biology. See Research for details.

Dr. Ding finished her Post Doctoral Research with Drs. Suzanne Lenhart and Louis Gross on optimal control of spatial ecology and natural resource management. See the Grid Computing Project for Ecological Modeling and Spatial Control.

Dr. Ding is a member of

      Dr. Ding served as President (2011-12), Vice President (2009-11), and Secretary (2008-09) for the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (PKP) at MTSU chapter. We got "Chapter of Excellence" 2009-10, and “Chapter of Merit Award” 2008-09.

Dr. Ding is a referee for

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Curriculum Vitae , updated September 2017.