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Ali Jordan
Ali Jordan

Curriculum Vitae

Ali Jordan is a graduate student in the Biology Department at Middle TN State University. She received her undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Science) in Anthropology from Middle TN State University 2005 focusing on physical anthropology, bioarchaeology, and forensic anthropology. She is currently active in research in the fields of Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology. Using bioarchaeological techniques, she studies skeletal trauma and paleopathology as it relates to social organization, social complexity, sex and age differentiation (among occupation and activity patterns), and temporal and/or spatial distribution patterns. In the realm of forensic anthropology, she studies the use of surgical implants to aid in forensic identification; skeletal trauma and pathology (individualized vs. population markers); and techniques for differentiating human and non-human bone. She has presented scientific papers at regional as well as national professional academic conferences. Ali recently presented a paper on the reconstruction of prehistoric hunting patterns using seasonal growth increments of white tailed deer at the Southeastern Archaeological Conference in Lexington, KY (October 2010). Her forensic research was presented nationally at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences in February (2010) in Seattle, WA. This paper was entitled Bionic Remains: Positive Identification Using Surgically Implanted Medical Devices.

Ali is currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant for MTSU's Biology Department, teaching introductory level (Biology 1031: Biodiversity) laboratory courses. She also frequently visits elementary, middle and high school science classes to encourage interest in the forensic sciences. Since 2008, Ali has been a member of the Forensic Anthropology Search & Recovery (FASR) Team under the direction of Dr Hugh Berryman, PhD, D-ABFA aiding in the recovery and identification of human skeletal remains for local law enforcement. In addition, she is currently a research assistant for the Forensic Institute for Research and Education at Middle TN State University under the direction and supervision of Dr Hugh Berryman for various research projects as needed.