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Forensic Anthropology Search and Recovery (FASR) Team

The Forensic Anthropology Search and Recovery (FASR) Team is a student team under the direction of Dr. Hugh Berryman. Founded in 2006, this team was assembled to assist law enforcement in the recovery and documentation of skeletal remains from crime scenes. Additionally, the team works with the State Medical Examiner's Office to identify unknown skeletal remains. The team is composed of a limited number of undergraduate and graduate students selected through a competitive and extensive application process. These students have experience in human osteology, forensic anthropology, and archaeological field work, along with other scientific laboratory and research experience. FASR Team members work closely with law enforcement and medical examiners across the state. They serve as community volunteers and act as ambassadors for FIRE and Middle Tennessee State University.

Back: Joey Keasler, Cody Evans, Naomi Plant, Tabbitha Herbert, Katie Stubblefield, Charlotte Whittaker, Daniel Locke

Front: Justin Lowe, Amber Schmuhl, Aaron Blevins, Erin Floyd, Cori Crenshaw, Heather Hammond, Natasha Vang, Dr. Berryman


Justin and Natasha


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FASR Team Application
(You must be an MTSU student and be able to pass a background check to apply.)  






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