Forensic Skeletal Recovery


Forensic Skeletal Recovery

Approved for 40 hours of POST and ABMDI credit and 4.0 CEUs available!

This program includes both classroom instruction and hands-on experience involving mock crime scene scenarios. The course will cover search strategies for surface, burial, and burn scenes, and their documentation: human osteology, non-human osteology, mapping (e.g., total station; string lines; grid units; compass and tape); scene photography; remote sensing; metal detectors; recovery tips (e.g., probes, shovel, trowel, bamboo, and screening). Hands-on experience will include strategies for location of burial sites and surface scatter, scene mapping/diagramming techniques, documentation of evidence, and recovery.

At the conclusion of the course the participants will:

  1. Be familiar with search techniques based upon characteristic changes in soil and vegetation that are indicative of a burial, and be able to identify the appropriate search strategy to match the specifics of the scene
  2. Be introduced to characteristics of human and non-human bone and their significance in identification. 
  3. Be able to document a skeletal scene using written notes, photographs, and mapping.
  4. Be familiar with laws regarding skeletal recovery, grid searches, line searches, scene diagrams/maps (e.g., string line diagrams, grid diagrams, compass/transit mapping, total stations), scene photography, metal detectors, dry screening, and underwater scenes.

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Mental Health

Mental Health Requirement: POST approved for 1 hour

FIRE is offering a new online training course in the area of mental health. The course meets the new POST Commission mental health requirement and has been approved for one hour of POST certification. Created by Kim Parker, MSSW, the course makes officers aware of mental health issues, which they may encounter on the job. The cost of the one hour course is only $25 and may be accessed and completed at any time. Click here to register.
Once registered, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the course. The course is to be used only for the registered participant. If you have any questions, please email or 615-494-7971.

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