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Dr. Hugh Berryman will be presented the 2012 T. Dale Stewart award.


Weakley County native is pioneer in forensics (pt. 1) on NWTNTODAY.COM - Cached

It was bitterly cold and growing dark—a terrible time to hunt for bones. But when Dr. Hugh Berryman got the call that a child's skull had ...

Dr. Carter Smith speaks on Terrorism -- News Channel 5 Inside Politics

Dr. Carter Smith speaks on Gangs -- News Channel 5 Openline

Dr. Smith is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Middle Tennessee State University. In addition, he is an Adjunct Professor at Austin Peay State University and Mountain State University, and a S.T.A.R. Instructor for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, part of the U. S. Department of Homeland Security. During his more than twenty-two year career with the United States Army, Dr. Smith served as Criminal Intelligence & Anti-Terrorism Program Manager, Team Chief of the Gang Suppression Team, Detachment Sergeant, and Special Agent-in-Charge for the US Army Criminal Investigations Command (CID).


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CSI Camp for High School

CSI: MTSU 2010

The Daily News Journal , June 23, 2010

CSI: MTSU 2009 Tune In to WMOT on June 7, 2009

WMOT - Air Date: June 7, 2009 Title: "The CSI Clue Crew"

Guest: Dr. Hugh Berryman

Synopsis: The annual CSI: MTSU camp, slated for June 16-19, is discussed by its
founder, Dr. Hugh Berryman, who describes the way he takes attending
teenagersthrough the procedures of crime scene analysis.

CSI: MTSU 2008