Forensic Institute for Research and Education

Participants Questionnaire

Share your thoughts! Please fill out our Questionnaire. Your input is vital for a presentation and possible publication through the American Academy for Forensic Science.

1. What type of oral device do you currently have? (List all that apply. Oral devices include, but are not limited to bridges and partials, dentures, orthodontic retainers, oral and labial piercings, or grills)

2. Where is the device located?

3. How long has the device been in place?

4. How many hours per day is the device worn?

5. Have you had any other oral devices in the past?

6. If so, what were they, and where were they located? How long were they in place?

7. Have you felt differences in your teeth and/or gums since wearing the device? (Examples include rough places on teeth or gums, broken or chipped teeth, receding gums)

8. If the answer to question 7 was yes, please describe all differences you've observed.

I have read the information regarding the purpose of this study and understand my rights as a research participant. I understand that I may, at any time, decide to discontinue my participation and completion of this survey. Further, I understand that information I provide is only intended for research purposes and is not intended to establish a patient/researcher relationship between me and the researchers/university or to be used for diagnostic purposes. My participation in this on-line survey serves as my consent as a participant.