The departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Criminal Justice are proud to announce the
B.S. degree in Forensic Science.

Forensic Science is the application of techniques and principles of the natural and physical sciences to the analysis of evidence collected during criminal investigations. This program shares faculty from the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Criminal Justice Administration and consists of a strong interdisciplinary curriculum within these well-established departments.

The goals for the B.S. degree in Forensic Science:

  1. To provide a strong academic foundation that will prepare graduates for advanced study in forensic science or employment in public crime laboratories, specialized private laboratories, and law enforcement Agencies.

  2. To understand the role of the forensic scientist in the criminal justice systems and prepare students to present oral and written findings to the court.

  3. To provide student interaction with current forensic practitioners through seminars and internships.

Career options exist with the federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, forensic laboratories, medical examiner offices, hospitals, military, private firms, and universities.

Accreditation will be sought at the earliest opportunity through the American Academy of Forensic Sciences ( http://www.aafs.org).