The program requires completion of 120 semester credit hours distributed as follows:

Curriculum Component Hours Required
General Education 30 (without 8 hrs. Natural Science;
3 hrs. Math)
Major Field Core 73 (includes 8 hrs. Natural Science)
Electives 1
Other (specify) 16 (including 3 hr. Math)
TOTAL: 120

Core Courses
Rubric/Number Course Title
BIOL 1110/1111** General Biology I
BIOL 1120/1121 General Biology II
BIOL 2230/2231 Microbiology
BIOL 3250/3251 Genetics
BIOL 4110/4111 General Physiology
FSBI 4300/4301 Immunology
FSBI 4550 Biotechnology
CHEM 1110/1111** General Chemistry I
CHEM 1120/1121 General Chemistry II
CHEM 2230/2231 Quantitative Analysis
CHEM 3010/3011 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 3020/3021 Organic Chemistry II
FSCH 3530/3531 Principles of Biochemistry
FSCH 4230/4231 Instrumental Analysis
FSCJ 4330 Criminal Investigations
FSCJ 4340 Crime Scene Investigations
FSCJ 2400 Judicial Process
FSCJ 4530 Criminal Evidence and Procedures
FRSC 3010 Forensic Seminar
FRSC 4010 Forensic Senior Seminar
FRSC 4020 Forensic Internship

Supporting Courses
Rubric/Number Course Title
PHYS 2010, 2011 Physics I and Problems Lab
PHYS 2020, 2021 Physics II and Problems Lab
MATH 1910** Calculus I
BIOL 4350/4351 Biometry

**Course also satisfies general education credit

No minor is required since this degree is highly interdisciplinary.