French - Study Abroad

Study Abroad Articulation Sequence

Year-long Study

For more detailed information about the year-long program, please click on the two year-long study program links above.

Summer Study Opportunities

The French program at MTSU offers a summer program in Cherbourg, France. Students will spend four weeks on the campus of the I.U.T.-Cherbourg (University Technological Institute) and other locations in Cherbourg, France studying the French language and extending their knowledge of French daily life and culture. Through a wide-range of teacher-led activities, both inside and outside the classroom, students will improve and develop their speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. Afternoon activities and excursions will present students with the opportunity to use their language abilities in an enjoyable but structured environment. Living with host families will provide students with increased opportunities for progress in their language skills and will allow them to expand their knowledge of French society and value systems. Students will tour Paris and its landmarks, as well as important sites in and near Cherbourg, including Mont St. Michel, Utah (D-Day) Beach, and several historical, botanical, and art museums. For details, contact Prof. Nancy Goldberg at or 898-2281