• Faculty Research and Creative Activity Committee

Applicant Instructions

Decision Making

Awards are made by the Office of Research based upon recommendations of the Faculty Research and Creative Activity Committee, a university committee nominated by the Faculty Senate and appointed by the President. FRCAC is comprised of representatives from each of the five instructional colleges. The committee members individually review proposals, and then meet to discuss them and decide on recommendations to the VP for Research, who will notify applicant within four to six weeks of the application deadline as to whether funding was awarded.

All other considerations being equal, the committee will give preference to:

  • untenured faculty - faculty at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor;
  • new activity versus continuing activity;
  • faculty members who have not received an award for two years or more;
  • faculty members who have been granted an award previously and completed their activity and submitted the final questionnaire to the committee within 3 months of completion.

The decision of the VP for Research regarding the recommendation of the committee is final and not subject to appeal or rebuttal. Applicants who have been denied funding will be provided a written statement outlining the reasons why the award was denied. Applicants are strongly encouraged to review these comments and revise and resubmit the proposal in accordance with the suggestions made by the committee.