Request Forms and Nomination Forms


Effective August 2016, FRCAC will be introducing new forms for requesting funds.  The following are the most significant changes in the FRCAC forms:
  • FRCAC will be using a single application packet which contains all the necessary forms to review research proposals. 
  • The previously awarded "summer salary" has been revised to a "summer stipend."  The applicants can either seek $6,500 (full stipend) or $3,250 (half stipend) and request for this stipend can be made in both the Fall as well as the Spring funding sessions.
  • The funding seekers will be directed to provide more information on the significance of their proposal. 
  • New signage process has been designed to avoid the need for ink signatures.
  • Applicants can now revise and resubmit their previously unfunded proposals as described below



  1. FRCAC F100 - New Proposal application packet for a single PI - Click here to download a single file containing all of the following forms:
    1. F001 Grant Application Page - Applicant information, grant details and support from the Dean and Chair
    2. F002 Abstracts - technical abstract & non-technical abstract (1,200 characters each)
    3. F003 Proposal Narrative - Limit 5 pages typed in  Times New Roman (12pt) or Arial (11pt) with 1.5 line spacing 
    4. F003A Illustrations - Maximum 4 illustrations that fit within 2 pages
    5. F003B Bibiography - Limit 35 references
    6. F004 Significance - 1.5-2.0 pages
    7. F008 Budget - Detailed budget, cost justification, and key-personnel
    8. F009 PI's Biographical Sketch
    9. Space for attaching up to 20 supplemental pages
  2. FRCAC F100a - New Proposal application packet for TWO co-PIs - Click here to download a single file containing all of the above forms from FRCACF100 AND space for resubmission of a previously unfunded proposal.
  3. FRCACF101 - Resubmission Packet for a single PI - Click here to download a single file containing the following documents:
    1. This packet contains all the forms from F100 as listed above
    2. F010  Reviewers' Rebuttal - designated space for entering responses to reviewers' comments from a previously unfunded proposal. 
  4. FRCACF007A - Nomination for Distinguished Creative Activity Award - Distinguished Creative Activity Award 
  5. FRCACF007B - Nomination for Distinguished Research Award - Distinguished Research Award


To be included with the research proposals when applicable:

  1. IRB/IACUC approval notice(s) issued by the Office of Compliance
  2. Travel Authorizations Look under "MTSU Forms" below)
  3. Quotes from vendors for supplies & equipment - attach to the application packet
  4. FRCACF009 - Co-investigator Biographical Sketch(es) - attach key-personnel profiles regardless whether funding for them is requested or not
  5. FRCACF006 - FRCAC Final Report Questionnaire - All Final Reports from previous FRCAC funding must be submitted as a separate file along with the proposal


Post Award FRCAC Forms

  1. Award Acceptance Form - to be submitted within 30 days of receiving the award letter.
  2. RCAC Final Report Questionnaire - to be submitted within 30 days of the project completion


Table of most frequently used FRCAC forms
Form ID
Form Name
FRCAC F100 Funding Request Packet
Application packet containing all major forms as a single fillable word document. 
FRCAC F101 Resubmission Packet
Packet contains all the forms as in F100 in addition to a template for reviewers' response. 
 Attach to F100 when co-investigators are added to your study.
 Fill and submit this form within 30 days after receiving the funding letter
 6  FRCACF007A

Distinguished Creative Activity Award

 Nomination form Version 1.0 (11.04.2015)
FRCACF007B  Distinguished Research Award  Nomination form Version 1.0 (11.04.2015)
FRCACF006 FRCAC Final Report Questionnaire  Must be submitted once the project ends and along with a new application




Faculty seeking FRCAC funding may have to submit these forms with the application if needed:




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