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List of MANDATORY DOCUMENTS to be included with a new FRCAC application

  1. Application & Approval Form
  2. Abstract - Technical and Non-technical
  3. Research Narrative (5-pages)
  4. Budget Page
  5. Budget Justification page
  6. Biographical Sketch
  7. Significance
  8. All Final Reports from previous FRCAC funding - FRCAC Final Report Questionnaire


OTHER APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS to be included with the application

  1. Bibliography (no page limit but limit references to 35) - Click here for formating bibliography and citations
  2. Response to the Reviewer Comments (if resubmitting - no specific form)
  3. IRB/IACUC approval notice(s)
  4. Travel Authorizations Look under "MTSU Forms" below)
  5. Quotes from vendors for supplies & equipment
  6. Coinvestigator Biosketches


Post Award FRCAC Forms

  1. Award Acceptance Form - to be submitted within 30 days of receiving the award letter
    PC Version FRCACF005a Award Acceptance Form Version 2.0 (11.30.2015)
    Mac Version FRCACF005b Award Acceptance Form Version 2.0  (12.04.2015)
  2. FRCAC Final Report Questionnaire - to be submitted within 30 days of the project completion

FRCAC Forms:


Table of FRCAC forms
Form ID
Form Name
Not Assigned
Mandatory front page of the application with authorizations and other general information
Not Assigned
Mandator page to be submitted with the proposal.
Not Assigned
 Mandator document for submission
Award Acceptance Form (POST AWARD)
 PC Version 2.0 (11.30.2015)
Mac Version 2.0 (12.04.2015)
No Assigned 
 6  FRCACF007A

Distinguished Creative Activity Award

 Nomination form Version 1.0 (11.04.2015)
FRCACF007B  Distinguished Research Award  Nomination form Version 1.0 (11.04.2015)
FRCACF006 FRCAC Final Report Questionnaire  Must be submitted once the project ends and along with a new application


FRCAC Distinguished Awards Nomination Forms:


MTSU Forms

Faculty seeking FRCAC funding may have to submit these forms with the application if needed:



Forms for requesting FRCAC funds for research (OLD LIST))


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