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Instructions and Proposal Guidelines

Submit all proposals AS A SINGLE-PDF PACKET via email attachment to  For answers to questions, voice concerns, or get helpful advice email

To be eligible for consideration, the application must adhere to the following guidelines and include all of the required documents.

  • Applicants should submit ONLY one original electronic copy with all original signatures. Download and print the signature page and scan after signing.  No additional copies are necessary.
  • Print all documents in PDF format and collate your application as a single-PDF packet.  

Format Specifications

Abstract - Preceding the proposal, limited to 250 words, double-spaced
Length of proposal - Limited to five (5) double spaced pages (excludes application, checklist, abstract, biographical sketch, IRB notification(s), budget page and other supporting materials)
Font - Font size = 11 pt (Arial) or 12 pt (Times Roman).  Please note that figure captions, charts, tables, figures legends, and footnotes may be smaller in size but must be readily legible.
Spacing and Margins - Proposal must be double-spaced with 1 inch margins in all directions.
Page numbering - Page numbers must be used on the proposal pages, centered at bottom of page.

Your complete submission package should contain:

  • Completed Application Page, including all required signatures.
  • Abstract should be written for a lay audience. The committee members who review these applications come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds and will not necessarily be familiar with each applicant's area of expertise.
  • Proposal narrative. You should include clearly-labeled subsections in the narrative to address each of the following required elements:
    • Brief Introduction including a problem statement if applicable.
    • Aim/Background/Significance: Include the objectives and the significance of the proposal research or creative activity; briefly review the literature to provide a context for the project's significance to current scholarship/research in your field; describe the contribution your project will make to the field; discuss the hypothesis to be tested or the specific thesis of the project.
    • Research Design/Methodology or Creative Medium: Describe the methodology for the project, including data collection, sampling, or other procedures that will be used. Provide evidence of the efficacy of your methodology. Describe any survey instruments that will be used and provide copies of those instruments in the attachments. Describe, in detail, the activity to be carried out in the realization of your project. For example, discuss the specific methods of production or performance including details of construction, composition, editing, etc., using media appendices as examples where appropriate.
    • Timeline: Outline your schedule for completion of each of the major components of the project, from beginning to completion.
    • Resources/Budget: Describe the resources necessary to carry out the project, including those already available and those requested in the budget. Click here to see Budget Guidelines.
    • Other Funding: Indicate your attempt to determine whether there are additional or alternative sources of funding for the project and describe your results and any strategies you have for seeking external funding for the project. The Committee is particularly interested to know how a grant from the FRCAC can serve as seed funding for a project that will later be competitive for external funding.
    • Dissemination: Describe how the results of the project will be disseminated (e.g., the publication of a book, a chapter, a journal article, a public performance, an art exhibition, or a production).
  • Biographical Sketch
    1. Must include final reports from ALL previous FRCAC funding
    2. It is not the responsibility of the FRCAC office to provide previous reports for new incoming applications.
    3. Copies should be maintained by the faculty member.
  • Budget Form
    • The researchers must use the budget form provided in the FRCAC forms page
    • FRCAC will use this form to prepare index numbers from MTSU Accounting Department. 
    • All budget requests must have a clear dollar figure and the totals must match 
  • Budget Justification
    1. Click here to learn more about the budget justification section
  • Statement on the Use of Human Subjects and/or Animals in Research: Research that involves human subjects or animals must secure the appropriate approvals. If approval is required for your project, indicate where you are in the process of obtaining written approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for use of human subjects and /or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) for use of animals or the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). The Committee will review proposals for which the required approvals are still pending, but funding will not be released until the approvals are complete. If you have any questions about these approvals, please contact the Compliance Office or please refer to the following quick links to obtain the necessary information:

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

IRB Seal2 
  • Other supporting attachments, as applicable:
    1. References Cited in the proposal, limited to one page.
    2. Written approval from the IRB, and/or IACUC .(REFER BELOW)
    3. Proposed Survey instruments that will be used in the research.
    4. Collaborative Agreement documentation with external entities.
    5. Letters of support from collaborator(s).
    6. Price quotes from vendors for any proposed purchases.  Please note that FRCAC follows the MTSU guidelines for purchasing equipment and supplies.  Consult with your Department's accounting specialist.
    7. Permission letters and certifications if applicable.
    8. Letter of publisher interest for book proposals.
  • Email proposals to
  • Proposals must follow the format and style presented on page
  • FRCAC will attempt to work with applicants if any documentation should be missing provided the application was received well before the deadline
  • Once the deadline is passed, not changes will be allowed to the application and not further addition or removal will be entertained

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