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  • Faculty Research and Creative Activity Committee

Proposal Review Criteria

Applications will be assessed and ranked according to the following criteria.

Specific Aims, Background & Significance (this is the core issue)

  1. Are the objective(s) and goal(s) of the proposed research clearly stated?
  2. Is the background leading to the current application clearly summarized?
  3. Has the existing knowledge in the field been clearly evaluated?
  4. Is the importance of the project clearly explained?
  5. How will scientific knowledge or creative pursuits be advanced if the Specific Aims are achieved?

Research Design/Methodology or Creative Medium

  1. Is the research design and/or conceptual framework described in terms understandable by educated peers not familiar with the area?
  2. Have any potentially novel concepts, approaches, tools, or technologies been described?
  3. Are preliminary studies presented that support the feasibility of the approach?
  4. Is the plan for data collection, analysis, and interpretation clearly defined and have copies of all survey instruments been included?
  5. Have any potential problems or limitations in the proposed approach been delineated?
  6. Is a tentative sequence or timetable provided for completion of the project?

Resources and Budget Justification

  1. Are the resources (space, equipment, etc.) needed to complete the project adequately described and has permission to use resources been obtained if necessary?
  2. Has documentation been provided for any collaborative agreements with entities outside of MTSU?
  3. Will requested equipment purchases replicate currently available equipment?
  4. Is the budget sufficiently justified?


What is the Likelihood of dissemination of the results and is the projected mode of dissemination appropriate (presentation, journal article, review article, book chapter or book, monograph, production, audio or video recording, etc.)?

Other funding opportunities

  1. Are there any alternative funding sources available or is FRCAC the only likely source?
  2. Is achievement of the Specific Aims likely to lead to pursuit of external funding?


  1. Is the investigator qualified (education and/or experience) to successfully complete the project as proposed?
  2. Does the investigator have a record of research and/or creative accomplishments during the past five years?
  3. If the investigator previously received FRCAC funding, is the currently proposed project new or continuing?

Quality of Proposal

  1. Does the proposal comply with all stated format specifications and guidelines?
  2. Is the submission package complete with all supporting attachments, as applicable?

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