What is the purpose of General Education?

The General Education Program helps provide students with the common, hallmark qualities of an educated person, the skills and interrelated knowledge that are the foundation and scaffolding for an academic major and a future career.

What is the General Education Program?

The General Education Program is one-third of a student's requirements for the baccalaureate degree. The courses provide the general knowledge and skills that open into the specific major of study. The general studies provide the student with the knowledge and skills to be a life-long learner, one who can adapt to an ever-changing workplace. American businesses spend billions each year on training, and general education make MTSU graduates flexible and able to change in an increasingly diverse and internationalized economy.

What are the skills that General Education provide?

General Education professors teach critical and logical thinking; communications skills of writing, speaking, and listening, including skills in locating and gathering information; teach a basis for understanding the mathematical and scientific world perspective; teach an appreciation of aesthetic and cultural productions; teach a broad understanding of the history of human experience; teach an understanding and appreciation of various cultures and their interrelationships; teach a basis for making sound ethical and moral judgments, and judgments on maintaining physical and mental health; and finally they teach the skills to participate responsibly in one's natural, social and political environments.