Global Studies

 Our Mission

Global Studies is a broad-based inter-disciplinary study of pattern, processes and problems that transcend traditional national boundaries. The mission of the Global Studies Program at MTSU is to provide our students a diverse, timely education that prepares them to operate in an ever changing global environment. The Global Studies Program goal is to produce not only well rounded citizens, but citizens that are problem solvers and thinkers, and ones engaged in past, present and future issues, trends and connections that globally shape culture and societies in the 21st century and beyond.

What's Next?

What can I do with a degree in Global Studies? The quick answer is what can you not do with a Global Studies degree? Global Studies students are prepared to enter the world of non-profits, domestic and international companies and organizations, education, and entrepreneurial endeavors. The career ceiling is limited only by the student's imagination. The diverse nature of the degree, coupled with a plan of study tailored to each student, prepared them for their selected "next step".