The College of Graduate Studies fosters an environment of scholarly research and mentorship, and encourages qualified graduate students and faculty members to apply for the following annual awards:


  • Outstanding Thesis in Behavioral & Health Sciences, Liberal Arts, or Mass Communication
  • Outstanding Thesis in Science, Mathematics, or Engineering Technology
  • Outstanding Dissertation

Nominees’ theses/dissertations/projects should be highly original scholarly works that make a significant contribution to their field of study.  Interested students are encouraged to contact their faculty advisor or department to inquire about potential consideration as a nominee.

Each graduate program is eligible to select up to two nominees (one for project/thesis, one for dissertation).  The nominee(s) will have completed their thesis/dissertation/project in the previous calendar year.  Nominations are due by February 1st of each year, and awards are made in the spring semester each year.    

Nomination packets should be submitted no later than February 1st to and should include:

  • at least two (2) letters of recommendation from faculty in the program discussing, in particular, the unique contribution of the thesis or dissertation to the student’s field of study
  • résumé or curriculum vita of the nominee



The purpose of the graduate faculty mentor award is to recognize graduate faculty advisors who place a high value on and excel in mentoring graduate students.  Factors that the awards committee will consider include

  • assistance to students in establishing and developing in their profession as scholars beyond formal classroom teaching and teaching evaluations
  • promotion of timely and successful completion of students’ degree programs
  • advocacy in fostering an environment supportive of graduate student success

Each graduate program may nominate one member of the graduate faculty.  Nominations are due by April 1st of each year; awards will be made each August at the Fall Faculty Meeting. To be eligible, nominees must have been graduate faculty for the preceding five years and not have won the award in the preceding five years.

Nominations packet should be submitted to and include:

  • nomination form to be completed by the graduate program
  • three (3) letters of recommendation to be solicited by the graduate program from the following:
    • the graduate program director or chair
    • a fellow faculty member
    • a student advisee whose project, thesis, or dissertation was chaired by the faculty member
  • a statement of graduate mentoring philosophy to be provided by the nominee
  • curriculum vita to be provided by the nominee


For further information regarding College of Graduate Studies Awards, please contact us at