Intent To Graduate Form For Graduate Students


College of Graduate Studies

Notice of Intent to Graduate Forms are due NO LATER than the second week of the semester in which you plan to graduate. ALL INFORMATION CONCERNING YOUR GRADUATION WILL BE SENT TO YOUR MTSU EMAIL ACCOUNT.

Notice of Intent to Graduate forms cannot be processed without an approved Degree Plan on file in the College of Graduate Studies. Please check your MTSU email account to make sure your Degree Plan has been returned to you "Approved" prior to submitting your Intent to Graduate.

The name on the diploma will be the name that is on the university's record. If your name has changed, you will need to follow MTSU name change procedures. (Name Change Request)

ATTENTION: All undergraduate students filing an intent to graduate form for a Bachelor's degree – please click here and select "Intent to Graduate Form (Undergraduate Notice)".

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Before submitting your form please check to make sure all fields are complete and accurate. 


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