Interdisciplinary PhD in Molecular Biosciences

MBS Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Component Hours Required
Core Courses 28
Electives 14
Special Topics and Seminars 16
Directed Research 6
Dissertation 12

Core Courses: Total Credits (28 hours)

The Ph.D. in Molecular BioSciences has a core of courses drawn from multiple scientific disciplines whose focus is the understanding of and ability to use the basic tools of discovery at the cellular and molecular level of biology. Students whose research requires additional courses in a particular subject area, such as statistics, can obtain them by taking them as electives.

Course Title Credits
BIOL 6380 Experimental Immunology 4
BIOL 6390 Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology 4
BIOL 7760 Bioinformatics 4
CHEM 6500 Biochemistry I 3
CHEM 6510 Biochemistry II 3
MOBI 7010 Advanced Lab in Molecular BioSciences 4
MOBI 7100 Research Ethics 3
STAT 7020 Introduction to Biostatistics 3

Electives: Total Credits (14 hours)

student, in consultation with his/her advisor and committee, will select at least 14 hours of elective coursework. Other courses not listed below may be substituted with approval of the student's advisor and committee.

Course Title Credits
BIOL 6220 Speciation 3
BIOL 6270 Cell Metabolism 3
BIOL 6290 Advanced Scanning Electron Microscopy 4
BIOL 6330 Principles of Physiology 4
BIOL 6360 Energy Dispersive X-Ray Theory & Analysis 1
BIOL 6410 Advanced Transmitting Electron Microscopy 4
BIOL 6430 Clinical and Pathogenic Microbiology 4
BIOL 6440 Advanced Virology 4
BIOL 6450 Advancements in Molecular Genetics 4
BIOL 6590 Environmental Toxicology 4
BIOL 6720 Advanced Animal Development 4
BIOL 6730 Advanced Microbial Physiology and Biochemistry 4
BIOL 6750 Advanced Plant Biotechnology 4
BIOL 6770 Issues in Biotechnology 2
BIOL 6780 Principles of Systematics 4
BIOL 7010 Analysis of Genetic Markers 4
CHEM 6100 Intermediate Organic Chemistry 3
CHEM 6110 Topics in Organic Chemistry 3-6
CHEM 6230 Intermediate Analytical Chemistry 4
CHEM 6300 Intermediate Physical Chemistry 3
CHEM 6520 Topics in Biochemistry 3-6
CHEM 6530 Biochemical Techniques 2
CHEM 6610 Environmental Soil Chemistry 3
CHEM 6720 Surface Characterization of Nanomaterials 3
CHEM 7110 Advanced Topics in Organic Chemistry 3
CHEM 7510 Advanced Biochemistry 3
CHEM7710 Topics in Applied Chemistry 3
MOBI 7200 Biomolecular Modeling and Simulation 3
MOBI 7654 Professional Seminar 1
PHYS 7010 Biophysics 3
STAT 6604 Experimental Design 3

Special Topics Courses and Seminars: Total Credits (16 hours)

Every student in the MOBI Ph.D. program will be required to complete a minimum of four special topics courses and four seminars. These are viewed as crucial to staying abreast of this rapidly developing field.

Course Title Credits
MOBI 7300 Special Topics in Molecular Biosciences (taken four times) 2
MOBI 7400 Seminar in Molecular Biosciences (taken four times) 2

Directed Research: Total Credits (6 hours)

Course Title Credits
MOBI 7500 Directed Research* 1-6

*Students will enroll in this course prior to their advancement to candidacy.

Dissertation: Total Credits (12 hours)

Course Title Credits
MOBI 7640 Dissertation Research* 1-6

*Students are only allowed to enroll in this course following successful completion of their preliminary exam and their advancement to candidacy.