Interdisciplinary PhD in Molecular Biosciences

Dr. Charles Chusuei - Courses

CHEM 4550/4551. Bioanalytical Chemistry. Four credits. Prerequisite: CHEM 2030/2031 or 3020/3021; Corequisite: CHEM 4551. Survey of basic quantitative, qualitative, and purifying methods with specific interest of molecules of interest to biochemistry. Offered in the Fall Semester only.

CHEM 4551. Zero credits. Laboratory to accompany CHEM 4550. Co-requisite: CHEM 4551. One three-hour laboratory per week.

CHEM 4330/4331. Physical Chemistry Fundamentals I. Four credits. Prerequisites: PHYS 2020/2021; CHEM 2230/2231; MATH 1910. Co-requisite: CHEM 4331. Basic study of physical chemistry including modern theories of atomic and molecular structure, chemical thermodynamics, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics and related theoretical topics. Three hours lecture and one three-hour laboratory. Offered in both Fall and Spring Semesters.

Proposed Graduate Course:
Biomolecular Colloid and Surface Science. Three credits. Lecture. Prerequisites: CHEM 4330/4331 or equivalent. Basic principles of the chemical behavior of solid surfaces with an emphasis on the fundamental aspects of solid surface structures, including bonding, thermochemistry and dynamic behavior will be introduced. The course will provide the basis for extensions into various disciplines spanning the fields of geology, materials, environmental and chemical engineering, biomaterials and nanoscience. Aspects of self-assembled monolayers, crystal growth and biomineralization will be addressed. Modern surface analytical techniques involving charged particle, synchrotron radiation and vibrational spectroscopies to probe the chemical and electronic surface structure of the top-most surface layers (~50? or thinner) will be introduced. Concepts and relationships of the chemical behavior of organic and inorganic substances will be assembled, correlated and directed towards understanding molecular-level behavior of solid-gas (in the context of ultrahigh vacuum analysis), solid-solid and solid-liquid interfaces.