Interdisciplinary PhD in Molecular Biosciences

Dr. Norma Dunlap - Courses

CHEM 3010: Organic Chemistry I

Types of carbon compounds, their nomenclature, reactions, and physical properties.

CHEM 3020: Organic Chemistry II

A continuation of CHEM 3010.

CHEM 3010H:

Honors version of CHEM 3010

CHEM 3020H:

Honors version of CHEM 3020

CHEM 4000: Medicinal Chemistry

Drug design and development including structural changes involved in making drug analogs. Drug interaction with macromolecular targets including receptors, enzymes, and DNA. Various classes of drugs and their mechanism for the treatment of specific therapeutic areas.

CHEM 6100: Intermediate Organic Chemistry

Concepts and modern theories of organic chemistry: stereochemistry of reactions, mechanistic interpretation of organic reactions, and multistep synthesis.