Interdisciplinary PhD in Molecular Biosciences

Dr. Preston J. MacDougall - Courses

Courses Taught ( * = currently teaching, / L = instruct the laboratory in addition to the lecture):


CHEM 1110/L - General Chemistry I (emphasis on concepts and reactions)

CHEM 1120/L - General Chemistry II (emphasis on equilibria and applications)

*CHEM 1110H/L - Honors General Chemistry I (reactions, structure and bonding)

CHEM 1120H/L - Honors General Chemistry II (modern materials, kinetics & equilibria)

CHEM 4350/L - Physical Chemistry (thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium )

CHEM 4360/L - Physical Chemistry (quantum theory, molecular structure, spectroscopy)

CHEM 4730/L - Advanced Physical Chemistry (statistical thermodynamics, rxn. dynamics)

*PSCI 1030/L - Topics in Physical Science (physical science for non-science majors)

CHEM 4340/L - Physical Chemistry (kinetics, structure and spectra of biomolecules)


CHEM 6290 - Advanced Physical Chemistry (chemical applications of quantum theory)

CHEM 7700 - Topics in Theoretical Chemistry (chemical bonding theory for teachers)

CHEM 6300 - Intermediate Physical Chemistry (core course required of all grad students)

*CHEM 6870 – Chemistry Research (course on research and writing, for all grad students)