Interdisciplinary PhD in Molecular Biosciences

Dr. Erin McClelland - Courses

BIOL 4550/5550, Biotechnology, 3 credit hours.  Instruction in both theory and application of current research methodologies in biology and molecular biology. Topics include immunochemistry, polymerase chain reaction, restriction enzyme analysis, and electrophoresis. Five hours lecture/laboratory.

Prerequisites: BIOL 1110/BIOL 1111, BIOL 1120/BIOL 1121, BIOL 2230/BIOL 2231,and  BIOL 3250/BIOL 3251.

BIOL 6660, Seminar, 2 credit hours. Development of written and oral communication skills relevant to obtaining research funding and presenting research results. Responsible conduct of research topics including mentor/trainee relationships, human subjects, animal research, research misconduct, and conflicts of interest emphasized. Two one-hour sessions.