Interdisciplinary PhD in Molecular Biosciences

Dr. Jason Jessen - Publications

A. Original Investigations

1.         Dohn, M.R., Mundell, N.A., Sawyer, L.M., Dunlap, J.A., and Jessen, J.R. (2013). Planar cell polarity proteins differentially regulate extracellular matrix organization and assembly during zebrafish gastrulation. Dev. Biol. (in press).

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3.         Quick, R.E., Dunlap, J.A., and Jessen, J.R. (2012). Expression analysis of zebrafish membrane type-2 matrix metalloproteinases during embryonic development. Gene Expr. Patterns 12, 254-260.

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5.         Williams, B.B., Cantrell, V.A., Mundell, N.A., Bennett, A.C., Quick, R.E., and Jessen, J.R. (2012). VANGL2 regulates membrane trafficking of MMP14 to control cell polarity and migration. J. Cell Sci. 125, 2141-2147.

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This paper was featured in a NatureGenetics News and Views article entitled "Strabismus shows the way" by Alan Packer, Nat. Genet. 31, 335 (2002).

18.       Jessen, J.R., Jessen, T.N., Vogel, S.S., and Lin, S. (2001). Concurrent expression of recombination activating genes 1 and 2 in zebrafish olfactory sensory neurons. Genesis 29, 156-162.

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B. Reviews

1.         (INVITED) Jessen, J.R. (2009). Non-canonical Wnt signaling in tumor progression and metastasis. Zebrafish 6, 21-28.

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C. Book Chapters

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