Interdisciplinary PhD in Mathematics and Science Education

Dr. Dorothy Valcarcel Craig
Educational Leadership

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COE 350

University of Memphis Post-Doctoral Studies in English as a Second Language
Tennessee State University / Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction with Emphasis in Instructional Technology
Middle Tennessee State University / Ed.S. in Curriculum & Instruction
East Carolina University /M.A.Ed. in Elementary Education & Diagnostic and Prescriptive Reading
East Carolina University / B.S. in Elementary Education

Second language learning in ESL and Bilingual classrooms, Use of Web 2.0 tools for instructional purposes; Social media and impact on student learning; Integration of new media tools for language learning; Diaspora, dislocation, and relocation with regard to children of immigrants in the U.S.; Action Research; Qualitative frameworks and processes.

   Book Publications

  • Craig, D.V. (2009). Action research essentials. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
  • Craig, D.V. (2002). Village of learners project: Collaborative action research at a PDS. In I.N. Guadarrama, J. Ramsey, & J.L. Nath (Eds.). Forging alliances in community and Thought: Research in professional development schools (pp. 67 - 86). Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishers, Inc.  

   Recent Journal Publications

  • Craig, D.V. (2011). Encouraging participatory culture and language learning: Assisting ELLs in becoming part of the digital youth. TNTESOL Journal, 4, 84-93.
  • Craig, D.V. (2011). Digital youth and today's classrooms: An intersection of participatory culture and traditional schooling. Tennessee Educational Leadership, 38, 15-19.
  • Craig, D.V. (2010). Content creators and language learners: Exploring Web 2.0 and Wikis.  TNTESOL Journal, 3, 76-80.
  • Craig, D.V. & Paraiso, J. (2009). Antonio's gun and Delfino's dream: Views of immigrant students and immigration. TN TESOL Journal, 2, 14-27.
  • Craig, D.V. & Young, B.A. (2009). Blog, blog, blog: Online journaling in graduate classes. Tennessee Educational Leadership, 36, 5-10.
  • Craig, D.V. & Paraiso, J. (2009).  Dual diaspora and barrio art.  Journal of Learning Through the Arts, 4, 120 - 169.


  • Middle Tennessee State University Outstanding Achievement in Instructional Technology Education - August, 2007
  • Tennessee Department of Education Professional Standards for English As a Second Language, Revision Committee Member (2010 – 2012)
  • State Board of Examiners for State Accreditation, Member
  • Visiting Team for State Accreditation University of Memphis Dual Accreditation (NCATE, TN Department of Education)
  • Assistant Editor, TNTESOL Journal (2012-2013)
  • Editor, TNTESOL Journal (2010-2012)