Assistantship Overview for Students

The following information strives to give you a general overview of the graduate assistantship program at Middle Tennessee State University. If you still have specific questions contact Lisa Mitchell at or 615-898-2823.

All graduate programs have a set number of graduate assistant and although the College of Graduate Studies is the final approving authority for all graduate assistants, each department is responsible for interviewing, selecting, and preparing the paperwork for their graduate assistants.

So, what does that mean to you? If you are looking for an assistantship, start with the program that you are majoring in, they make the decision as to who they hire so that's the first place to start. The College of Graduate Studies requires that in order for a graduate student to be eligible to hold an assistantship they must first be fully admitted to a program (no conditional admission), and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher (whether graduate or undergraduate if you are just coming to graduate school). Keep in mind that these are just the requirements for the College of Graduate Studies, each department may have its own requirements that you may need to meet as well.

If the department does not have any openings there are some administrative offices on campus that utilize graduate assistants. (See below)

MTSU has three (3) types of assistantships, research, teaching, and administrative. We also offer both master's and Ph.D. assistantships; the master's assistantships are available for both nine (9) months and twelve (12) month contracts and the Ph.D. is available only as a twelve (12) month option. In exchange for working in the department you are given tuition remission at an in-state status, a percentage of your fees, and a modest monthly stipend. Again, the specifics of the contract, award types, amounts, etc. would be discussed with the individual department.

As a colleague, graduate assistants are also allowed to upgrade to a faculty/staff parking pass for a nominal fee at the Parking Services Office.

Non-Academic Offices Offering Graduate Assistantships

Check with the individual offices regarding availability

Office Contact Person Contact Information
Campus Recreation Sara Pollard 898-5997
Dyslexic Studies Erin Alexander 494-8884
Information Technology Division Barbara Draude 904-8383
Center for Educational Media Laura Clark 898-5191
Learning Teaching and Innovative Technology Center Tom Brinthaupt 494-7676
Office of Compliance Moses Prabu email: