Student Health Insurance


  • We do not have a TBR sponsored plan for our domestic students this year, due to market constraints.  However, our broker AON has prepared a website for students where they can compare various health care exchange and marketplace options.
  • The website address is:



  • Our international student insurance provider is ISP (International Student Protection)
  • To enroll, please fill out and turn in OPTION 1 on this form:    pdf

  • The website is:

  • Students who enrolled through MTSU can also print/reprint their insurance card through the website. See pictures for instructions: 


  •  The contact person at ISP is Jim Bueno.  He may be reached at:

Jim Bueno
Senior Account Executive
International Student Protection

J. Deutsch Associates
111  John St., Suite 750
New York, NY 10038
T. 877-738-5787
F. 212-693-4753

  •  The premiums are below:




$600 non-athletes 29 and under
$900 non-athletes 30 and over
$1,008 athletes

Student & Spouse


Student & Child


Student & Children


Student & Family


  • Students who are not enrolled through the MTSU or TBR Carrier must have their insurance providers fill out OPTION 2 on the insurance form pdf at the beginning at the semester. 
  • The insurance form must be filled out appropriately and turned in at the beginning of the semester.