Student Health Insurance


  • We do not have a TBR sponsored plan for our domestic students this year, due to market constraints.  However, our broker AON has prepared a website for students where they can compare various health care exchange and marketplace options.
  • The website address is: 


Health care in the U.S. is a private system. Health services in the United States can be extremely expensive without adequate insurance coverage. To ensure that you are able to cover any medical expenses and to satisfy legal requirements, MTSU requires all international students to purchase the International Student Protection (ISP) plan provided through the university. This plan is also available for dependents (spouses and children) at an additional cost.

  • Enrollment in ISP insurance for the fall semester is from Aug. 1 through Dec. 31
  • Enrollment for the spring semester is from Jan. 1 through July 31

Dental insurance is not included in medical insurance, but can be purchased at an additional cost. For more information about ISP health insurance, to print your ID card or to find a doctor in the area, please visit the ISP website at

Enrollment and billing

International students will be automatically enrolled in the mandatory insurance plan when they register for any number of credit hours and will be charged for the coverage on their RaiderNet student account. Other participants must complete an application form and follow the payment instructions directly with ISP.


MTSU has a "hard-waiver" policy that strictly limits waivers of the mandatory insurance enrollment for international students. Only the following exceptions are allowed:

  • Insurance coverage comparable to the MTSU plan that is provided for the student through a family member's employment benefits by a company within the United States.
  • Insurance coverage provided by your national government as part of a dedicated scholarship program, i.e., Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission or Fulbright Scholarship program.

To successfully request a waiver of the MTSU Insurance coverage, you must meet one of the above requirements. If you do, please submit a request for an insurance waiver, and also provide necessary supporting documents to the Graduate Studies Office.

Document  Waiver Form

 The contact person at ISP is Jim Bueno.  He may be reached at:

Jim Bueno
Senior Account Executive
International Student Protection

J. Deutsch Associates
111  John St., Suite 750
New York, NY 10038
T. 877-738-5787


International Premiums
Student (Non-Athlete) $72
Student (Athlete) $93
Spouse $350
Each Child $250