Ph.D. Exam Areas and Reading Lists


[follow the link for each area]

I. Old and Middle English 
II. Early Modern British Literature: 1500-1660, including Milton
III. Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature
IV. Nineteenth-Century British Literature*
      a) Romantic
      b) Victorian
V. Twentieth-Century British Literature
VI. American Literature to 1830
VII. American Literature: 1830-1910
VIII. American Literature: 1910-present
IX. Criticism and Critical Theory
X. Composition, Language, and Rhetoric
XI. Children's and Young Adult Literature
XII. Linguistics
XIII. Popular Culture and Film Studies*
         a) Popular Culture
         b) Film
XIV. Anglophone Literature
XV. Folklore

*Students may choose to be examined in IV. a. or b. and in XIII. a. or b. only.