Doctor of Philosophy

The English Department offers a generalist program that allows for specialization in a number of areas, including American Literature; Anglophone Literature; British Literature; Children's and Young Adult Literature; Folklore; Linguistics; Literary Theory; Popular Culture and Film; and Rhetoric, Composition, and Pedagogy. Courses are designed as seminars, and graduate students may expect highly individualized attention from the graduate faculty.The foreign language requirement may be met by an undergraduate minor in an appropriate language, approved language courses in the Foreign Language Department, or a proficiency examination.

I. Old and Middle English 
II. Early Modern British Literature: 1500-1660, including Milton 
III. Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature 
IV. Nineteenth-Century British Literature* 
      a) Romantic 
      b) Victorian 
V. Twentieth-Century British Literature 
VI. American Literature to 1830 
VII. American Literature: 1830-1910 
VIII. American Literature: 1910-present 
IX. Criticism and Critical Theory 
X. Composition, Language, and Rhetoric 
XI. Children's and Young Adult Literature 
XII. Linguistics 
XIII. Popular Culture and Film Studies* 
         a) Popular Culture 
         b) Film 
XIV. Anglophone Literature 
XV. Folklore

*Students may choose to be examined in IV. a. or b. and in XIII. a. or b. only.