Tennessee Governors School for the Arts

2010 Filmmaking

Pouria Montazeri - Filmmaking Division Chair

Pouria Montazeri is an independent filmmaker, cinematographer, and video artist. His films have been shown around the world in three continents and have won many awards. Pouria's films which he wrote, produced, directed and shot include "Majnun's Way Found", "The Tulip Grower" and "Shams & Rumi: The Fragrance of Axis Mundi". Pouria spent the latter part of 2006 and parts of 2007 traveling around the world to Australia, Africa and all over Europe as the cinematographer for a major feature documentary-a life changing experience for him. As a cinematographer, he continues shooting films and videos. The last narrative film he shot entitled "Love At First Site"; played the festival circuit around the nation in 2008 and 2009. And the feature documentary he shot entitled "House of Numbers"; is currently screening at festivals around the world. As a member of Nashville's film community, he has worked as a film mentor with outreach youth groups. The films produced through these projects have been screened at the 2008 & 2009 Nashville Film Festival. This is Pouria's third year at GSFTA. His students' work from the last two years entitled "Greyness" and "Bernard" respectively have been accepted and screened at the Nashville Film Festival and as portfolio pieces have helped students get into colleges like California Institute of the Arts, Ithaca College, and Watkins Film School to name a few. He loves and enjoys teaching film and working with young, excited, and talented artists.

Jeff Stein, Filmmaking Faculty

B.A. Dartmouth College, English

M.A. Stanford University, English Education

M.A. Stanford University, Communications with Specialization in Film

Jeff Stein was Vice President of Development and Production for Sylvio Tabet's Leisure Investment Company (later Films 21), where he oversaw different aspects of development and production for THE BEASTMASTER, EVILSPEAK, FADE TO BLACK, and DEAD RINGERS. Later, as Executive in Charge of Development and Production for Warren Bush Productions, he wrote and developed THE Q-SECRET, an adaptation of William Bradford Huie's novel, IN THE HOURS OF NIGHT, the first slated miniseries for Ted Turner's WTBS. As an independent, he developed and produced Clu Gulager's feature directorial effort JOHN AND NORMA NOVAK, wrote and developed HEARTSTOP for Priority Films, and budgeted Tim Burton's FRANKENWEENIE.

Now an adjunct professor at Vanderbilt University, Jeff was a founding faculty member of the Watkins College Film School where he developed and taught courses on producing, screenwriting, and physical production for over ten years. He has also been an adjunct at Tennessee State, and National Universities where he has taught screenwriting and courses on the history, aesthetics and sociological aspects of motion pictures.

Jeff (Jeffry John Stein) is the author of the book, LIFE, MYTH, AND THE FAMILY UNREELING - an analysis of the mythic, historical and spiritual underpinnings of great 20 th century movie-making, and of the political thriller novel, GENTLEMEN OF DECISION (J.J. Stein). In addition to some 20 screenplays, Stein has written online articles for several websites, and has presented over thirty papers and presentations regarding movies at many colloquiums including for the University Film and Video Association at the University of South Carolina, and the Center for Myth and Ritual in American Life (MARIAL) at Emory University.

Along with his teaching load, Jeff has continued to be involved with consulting on, developing, scripting and producing projects especially in Tennessee. These include CHANGING HEARTS, THE LAST MAGICIAN, HOUSE OF NUMBERS and UNION.