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Goals of Theatre in Tennessee

The Theatre Arts discipline embodies four fundamental goals and component knowledge, processes, and skills which this Tennessee framework terms strands. The goals are to enable the learner to:
  1. Develop means of expression for the individual through the use of drama/theatre experiences
    1. Sensory perception
    2. Emotional expression
    3. Imagination
    4. Movement
    5. Language
    6. Voice
    7. Artistic discipline
    8. Concentration
    9. Self-concept
  2. Create drama/theatre through individual effort, group interaction, and artistic collaboration
    1. Ensemble and interpersonal skills
    2. Problem solving
    3. Improvisation
    4. Acting
    5. Directing
    6. Playmaking and Playwriting
    7. Technical elements
    8. Theatre management
  3. Experience drama/theatre in its multicultural, social, and historical contexts
    1. Dramatic literature
    2. Theatre history and heritage
    3. Drama/Theatre in a multicultural society
    4. Roles and careers
  4. Form aesthetic judgments of drama/theatre experiences
    1. Elements of drama
    2. Audience
    3. Theatre and other arts
    4. Aesthetic response