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Welcome to the Visual Art Program

Visual Art Program Goals

Visual Art in Tennessee's schools should seek to:

  1. Provide an understanding of the ways mankind has expressed ideas and recorded experiences through the medium of visual art.
  2. Provide a means of communicating ideas, feelings and beliefs.
  3. Promote human understanding, achievement and self-development through the study of visual art.
  4. Equip students to be knowledgeable of the influence of visual art in daily life.
  5. Facilitate the development of technical skills in the production of a work of art.
  6. Acquaint students with career opportunities in visual art.
  7. Facilitate the development of aesthetic awareness of natural and man-made environments.
  8. Equip students to analyze, criticize, interpret, and evaluate the components of a work of art.
  9. Encourage quality craftsmanship.

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