Health Education and Promotion

Academic Advising

Academic advisors of the Health division of the HHP Department assist health/potential health major students in their academic growth in the health field. Our advisors work with all students who are in search of academic advice and assistance in the area of health. They counsel students regarding college courses, make referrals to faculty and other advisors as well as to additional campus resources.

MTSU Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center (ASC) provides academic advising services for MTSU students with undeclared majors and students with courses in the Developmental Studies program.

Each student has an assigned advisor based on last name. Furthermore, the ASC provides Graduate Assistant Advisors within the residence halls to offer later afternoon and early evening advising opportunities.

The ASC also coordinates learning communities, the community reading program, the Raider Book Clubs, and other academic initiatives. The Center is in KUC 324. To contact your advisor, or for more information, call 615-898-2339 or visit the ASC website.

College Advisors

In addition to the academic assistance provided by the faculty, MTSU has academic college advisors in the following colleges: Basic and Applied Sciences; Business; Education; Liberal Arts; and Mass Communication. Any student seeking academic assistance within their major is encouraged to contact an academic college advisor.

  • Basic and Applied Sciences (615) 898-2615
  • Nursing Advisor (615) 494-8791
  • Pre-professional Studies Coordinator (615) 898-5465
  • Business (615) 898-2764 or (615) 898-2764
  • Education (615) 898-2874
  • Liberal Arts (615) 898-2534
  • Mass Communications (615) 898-2813

Regents Online Degree Advisors

Students seeking a Regents Online Degree should contact RODP/University College Advising.